Modern Blocks Addon

Modern Blocks Addon helps you build and create your modern house, buildings, offices, bedroom, kitchen, closet, and any other constructions with these new stylish modern blocks to make your world appear more contemporary. Create contemporary furniture with many variations, tiles with various variations, each of which contains a new design, construct roads with all the necessary materials, and much more!

Creator: Vechrozilator (Youtube, Twitter)

Modern Blocks Addon

The game now has 1000+ modern blocks, including contemporary bookshelves, cabinets, drawers, tiles, and 3D block furniture. The majority of these blocks come in 16 different colors, and wooden blocks come in all different types of wood. Customizable tiles can be used to add various patterns using Tile Pattern.


There are also tools in Modern Blocks Addon use to destroy certain blocks, hence it’s not yet possible to destoy custom blocks faster in survival using vanilla tools so these tools were made.

  • Plastic Axe – use to destroy plastic type of blocks faster
  • Wood Saw – Use to destroy wood type of blocks faster including vanilla blocks
  • Sledgehammer – use to destroy stone type of blocks and tiles faster including vanilla blocks


Tiles is one of the key components used in the construction industry for building interior and exterior floors, footpaths, swimming pools, walls, partitions, and roofs. There are different Tiles added in the game and each have their own unique properties, textures and uses.

There are now 260 unique tiles in the game, and each one has a slab type. There are several different sorts of tiles, each of which has 16 distinct colors and 5 additional patterns. rough-textured porcelain tiles are ideal for outdoor flooring; a wooden tile with a grainy appearance; tiles with a check pattern and 16 different colors; Bathroom and swimming pool tiles

Here are a few examples of Tiles-based builds:

Modern Blocks Addon
Modern Blocks Addon

This pool is made with pool tile and pool liner in the border of the pool:

Modern Blocks Addon

It looks more realistic pool, right?

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Decorative Blocks

There are countless blocks available for use in designing, building constructions, and other purposes. The majority of decorative blocks are produced using liquid polymers, which are created when crude oil is melted in a blast furnace.

Hence, Chemistry As tables aren’t craftable in the game, you can’t buy crude oil in survival, thus I’ll add the recipe. The same recipes are used in the Uncraftable add-on that I also made.

Modern Blocks Addon

There’s also an alternative way to produce liquid plastic, using Plastic Extractor you can produce it.

Plastic Extractor can be use to extract liquid plastic in ground to produce liquid plastic, it can only place on nature blocks that you can find in world layer except ores.

Modern Blocks Addon

One of the most thing a liquid plastic can made are Plastic Blocks, here are different plastic blocks below.

Modern Blocks Addon

Furniture Blocks

We also have furniture blocks which are use for designing interior structures such as offices, kitchens, wardrobe, schools and etc.

Modern Blocks Addon

We also have 3D furniture that has uses other than just adornment. Some of the blocks now have uses, and the others will do so in the near future.

Picture Frame

Are you tired of our painting as our decoration? We have a new picture frame, one is standing one and the other is hanging on wall. These picture frames has no picture yet by default, you are free to choose what pictures you can install on it. Just choose any available pictures.

Picture frame:

Modern Blocks Addon

Wall picture frame:

Modern Blocks Addon

Here’s an example build using wooden drawer together with picture frame and other vanilla blocks.

Modern Blocks Addon

Kitchen Stuff

There are blocks too that are made for kitchens such as countertops, countertops with sink, cabinet and drawer is included. We also have fridge, microwave oven, cooking range and etc. which are currently has no function yet, however the water dispenser is now functional this work together with water container, you can learn how it work after trying it.

Modern Blocks Addon

City Decor

Our modern blocks isn’t complete without a decoration blocks for building cities, say no more to alternative blocks you use in building roads, we have a road blocks for that, there different varieties of road blocks which you could need in building city highways or roads.

This isn’t only about road blocks, there are other blocks too such as caution block, traffic cone and any city related blocks.

Modern Blocks Addon

Where to see all blocks and items?

All blocks and items can be found in your creative inventory, hence they’re in creative inventory in survival you can able to see them in your recipe book and thus you don’t have to memorize every blocks recipe.

Modern Blocks Addon
Modern Blocks Addon

Need more in-depth guide?

If the highlights discussion isn’t enough for you, we have Modern Blocks Guide, this is a guide which is made for this addon, it is another pack so you have to download and install it too if you need it.

It modified the ‘How to Play’ UI and make it a guide. This guide provides all things you need in this addon, just read the guide and you’re ready to go. Here’s how it look like.

Modern Blocks Addon

About Me!

To contact us easily, to suggest feedback and receive new update of my content join in our community with Discord Server

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Watch showcase video!

Terms of use

  • Do not repost in any website or apps without using my link or mcpedl link.
  • Do not steal any textures in Modern Blocks Addon and add into your own project.
  • Do not merged this addon to your addon.
  • If you want to make a video showcase of this add-on at least credit me.

Some Furniture addons Minecraft PE you can check in

  • Delete the previous version of Modern Blocks Addon first before installing the new update
  • After updating the addon, in your existing world some blocks might appear weird, just destroy them then place again to fixed

What’s New

Added Mangrove type of the following blocks

  • Mangrove Chair
  • Mangrove Table
  • Mangrove Tiles
  • Mangrove Cabibet
  • Mangrove Drawer

Added Bamboo type of the following blocks

  • Bamboo Flanks Chair
  • Bamboo Mosaic Chair
  • Bamboo Planks Table
  • Bamboo Mosaic Table

Added more /function command

  • Function command for slabs
  • Function command for a tile with pattern

Improvements & Changes

  • Updates all blocks into new format to support current and future updates of the game
  • The addon is more stable and optimize
  • Road Block with Line is now connectable, hence they ‘re now connectable Road Block with Corner Line was removed
  • Improve the behavior of Plastic Door and Plastic Trapdoor
  • Improve the behavior of Water Dispenser
  • Gas Stove has now an item form


  • Fixed a bug where blocks can no longer worked in current update of Minecraft
  • Fixed a glitch texture of some 3D blocks
  • Fixed all error occurs from the content log


By using this addon you have to enable the following experiments in world settings to make it work.

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Upcoming Creator Features
  • Molang Features

Download both behavior pack and resource pack and install them both.

Modern Blocks Addon

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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