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Creator: Oleg–orange (Youtube)

This mod on people is one of the author’s collections. This mod adds bedrock people to Minecraft. The mods are designed with novel shapes with different attached weapons. More details are below:

1. These mobs are quite hostile to the player:

  • Mafia
  • Gopnik 1
  • Gopnik 2
  • Hacker gopnik, gopnik 2, businessman*, hacker.
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*Note to the picture The businessman is not dangerous. The image of the Mafia will be in another picture.

mod on people

2. These are cooks and farmers —3 pieces for each currency.

mod on people

Trade will not work. To trade, you must install the full version of the ORANGE MOD assembly.

3. Currency and denomination exchanger.

• Currency exchange.

• Exchange of denominations.

mod on people

They are very similar to each other. Their main idea is the exchange of money. But for this you need to install the money mod “full money v_0_1_1(relis)”, but there is a nuance here, there is a chance that trading will still not be available.

Therefore, I recommend that you immediately install the assembly “Orange Mod”.

4. Butchers and fishing.

They sell meat and fish, as well as tools and rare items.


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• Again, the mod on people will not fully work without the money mod “full money v_0_1_1(relis)”. It’s best to install an assembly for convenience. “Orange mode”

• Fisherman and butcher compatible mod.

mod on people

Some Minecraft PE addons that you can check out on


mod on people

Download Mod on people

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
mod on people

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