Minions Add-on for Minecraft PE

Minions are yellow, small, cylindrical creatures that are most known for their appearance in the Minions movie. This Minions add-on adds the minions (evil ones include) and Gru to Minecraft PE. The Minions are cute and can be used for multiple things. For example, you can tame them, have them fight for you or you can send them away on missions such as hunting or to go fishing

Creature: Gona (Twitter)

Minions Add-on

Minions can be found spawning in the Nether. You can also spawn them using the spawn egg.

To tame a minion, you will first need to find a big one. Then feed it some bananas (carrots) until it likes you. Tame chance: 33%. If you find a baby minion you can feed it some bananas too to accelerate its growing process

  • iOS/Android: Long press on the Minion with a banana (carrot) and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Right-click on a minion with a banana (carrot)

A tamed minion will by default follow its master. You can command it to sit/stand (similar to a wolf) or even tie it to a fence post if you get tired of it.


You can give a tamed minion a couple of different jobs by giving it any of the following tools

  • Sword = Hunt animals
  • Axe = Chop down trees
  • Pickaxe = Mine
  • Hoe = Harvest
  • Shovel = Dig
  • Fishing rod = Fishing

It will take anywhere between 1-5 minutes for a minion to return to you after it has been given a task. You can then press the button to retrieve the items which are collected.


Minions are no cowards. If you get attacked by a mob your tamed minion will be quick to help you. And it will also attack anything which you attack

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  • Immune to fire
  • Replaces zombie pigman
  • Spawns in the Nether
  • Wild
    • Babies
      • Friendly
      • Can’t breed
      • Health: 5
      • Feed it bananas (carrots) to accelerate growing
    • Adults
      • Neutral
      • Breedable
      • Health: 10
      • Attack damage: 5
      • Feed it bananas (carrots) to tame it (tame chance: 33%)
    • Tamed
      • Health: 15
      • Attack damage: 6
      • Protects its master
      • Leashable
      • Give it any of the tools to give it orders. Returns after 1 min and you can retrieve the items it got

Evil Minion

There are a few different ways that an evil minion can spawn. It replaces the skeleton so it does spawn randomly in your worlds. You can transform an ordinary (yellow) minion into an evil one a vice versa

  • Transform a wild minion into an evil minion by throwing a poisonous potion at it
  • Transform an evil minion into a wild minion by throwing a potion of weakness at it

Also, if a normal (yellow) minion is killed by an evil minion then it will turn into its adversary


  • Replaces skeleton
  • Health: 10
  • Hostile toward players, yellow minions, and all other mobs except the monster
  • Attack damage: 3
  • Transformation (Take 10 seconds)
    • Transform a wild minion into an evil minion by throwing a poisonous potion at it
    • Transform an evil minion into a wild minion by throwing a potion of weakness at it
  • If a wild minion is killed by an evil minion then it turns into an evil one

Felonius Gru

Gru is one of the main characters who play a big role in the Despicable Me movies and has a minor part in the Minions movie. He was previously one of the most dangerous super-villains but has since retired and become a consultant for the Anti-Villain league

In this Minions add-on, he’s friendly toward players and can be tamed with a bow. Once tamed he will protect his owner against dangers and often so by using a levitation ray weapon

  • Replaces stray
  • Health: 30
  • Harmless
  • Tameable with a bow
  • Follows owner and defends against hostile mobs (including evil minions)
  • Attacks using a levitation ray (replaces bow), arrows have a levitation effect

Other: The crops textures for carrots have been replaced by banana crops

Get Minions add-on here

Minions Add-on

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