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Dreampixel is a village role-playing game and he was created [DP] Village Roleplay Map. The second map in the DP role-playing game series. This new installment of the series introduces a variety of new building types for you and your pals to role play or construct in. From houses to a beach, there’s something for everyone on this map. Versions 1.16.201 and 1.16.220 are supported by this map.

Cre: dream pixel (Twitter)

[DP] Village Roleplay

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[DP] Village Roleplay Map is second map in the dream pixel role-playing game series. Hello, and welcome to the roleplaying game Dreampixel:Village.


Once you’ve gotten started, feel free to invite friends and expand the city.


This is where everyone will spawn when they first join the world. The admin board, which is similar to our prior maps, is close by. The lobby is the epicenter of the universe.


The neighborhood is directly across the street from the lobby. Over ten two-story homes with attached garages are available.


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The beach is on the east side of the map, not far from spawn.

Apartments and hotels:

The hotel and flats are located on the west side of the map, not far from spawn. Each room is fully furnished.

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