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Not only is it an add-on to new entities, but Minecraft Story Mode Add-on also carries a long story, making the world of Minecraft more exciting and exciting than ever! Experience it now!

Creator: TaxingHawk

Brings awesome things with this add-on:


This hostile mob can blow you up and it rarely spawns anywhere at night. The explosion is a bit stronger than the original creeper. It can also climb walls. 

Prison Golem

  • Behaviors like the iron golems
  • Spawn underground
  • Have a red variant

Prison Zombie

  • Withered prisoners
  • Inflicts wither 
  • Doesn’t burn in sunlight
  • Spawn underground

Prison Slime

  • Just as same as slimes
  • Spawn underground


  • Behave like vanilla wolves 
  • Spawn in villages.

Icy Spiders

  • Spawn in cold biomes
  • Inflict slowness status effect
  • Have jockey version

Icy Ender Creeper

  • Can teleport and explode
  • Can’t carry blocks (addon limits) 
  • Spawn in snowy biomes

Icy Golem

  • Look like iron Golem but hostile
  • Throw snowballs and deals real damage
  • Spawn in cold biomes

Icy Golem (Boss)

  • Bigger version of icy golems
  • Health: 500
  • Snowballs can still hurt you even if you are using a shield

Giant Enderman

  • Giant version of Enderman
  • Health: 500
  • Can’t pick up blocks or chunks
  • Behavior can’t be improved due to addon limits

Prismarine Foes

  • Same health as the golems
  • Have prismarine weapons that rarely drops
  • Not spawn naturally 

Giant Ghast

  • Boss has three head
  • Shoots fireballs and can hurt you even if you have fire resistance
  • Can summon multiple ghasts
  • Rarely spawn in the Nether

Prismarine Colossus

  • A large animated prismarine statue
  • Health: 500
  • Immune to knockback
  • Drops prismarine blocks

Wither Storm

  • Spawn it by giving a wither a command block
  • Command blocks can be obtained by fishing or looting mansions
  • Transform to next state after a few minutes
  • In third state, it shoots wither skulls (high damage and set everything on fire)


Prismarine Blocks

  • Can be crafted with prismarine/dark prismarine in a stone cutter

Prismarine Runes

  • Can be crafted with a blank prismarine rune in a stone cutter

Baked Clay Block

  • Can be made by putting a clay block in a blast furnace

Bake Clay Bricks

  • Bricks without the white colors
  • Can be crafted with baked clay block in a stonecutter

Dark Cobblestone

  • Darker version

Dark Smooth Stone

  • Dark version of smooth stone

Ice Tile 

  • Crafted with 4 packed ice in a crafting table

Ice Lantern

  • Needs 8 blue ices and sea lantern to craft ice lantern


  • Tap/click and hold while holding their respective items to use them
  • Use command: /give @s storymode: 

This addon have 3 subpacks 

  • New Vanilla, Bare Bones and Old Vanilla 

This addon has 2 version

  • Mixels (pixel inconsistency), changed vanilla models and edited vanilla texture. 
  • 2nd ver doesn’t have mixels, nothing is changed in vanilla. It stays faithful to vanilla.

Version 1

Version 2


  • Active Experimental Gameplay


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