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This add-on adds FGO Noble Phantasm of Fate/Grand Order and other Fate series to MCPE. 

Mobile game Fate/Grand Order. The game is centered around turn-based combat where the player, who takes on the role of “Master”, summons and commands powerful familiars known as “Servants” to battle enemies.

Cre: ivon852

FGO Noble Phantasm

Don’t stand up when using the Noble Phantasm.

Mashu Kyrielight’s Shield

  • Use command: /give @p fgo:mshield_item
  • Hold Shield and it will give you resistance effect
  • Hold Shield and Sneak. It will give you resistance, health boost, regeneration V (20 seconds)
FGO Noble Phantasm Add-on

Translation of voice line

  • 真名、開帳: With my True Name revealed
  • 私は災厄の席に立つ : I stand amid disaster
  • 其は全ての疵、全ての怨恨を癒す : That which heals all wounds and grudges
  • 我らが故郷 : Our glorious homeland
  • 顕現せよ : Manifest yourself
  • 「いまは遙か理想の城」ロード・キャメロット!: Lord Camelot!

Emiya’s Noble Phantasm

  • Use command: /give @p fgo:nine_lives
  • Hold and it will give you: Health Boost V, Resistance V, Regeneration V, Absorption V, Strength V.
  • Sneak to use Noble Phantasm
FGO Noble Phantasm
FGO Noble Phantasm

Unlimited Blade Works

  • Use command: /give @p fgo:ubw
  • Hold and it gives: Speed V and Jumping Boost V
FGO Noble Phantasm
  • Sneak to use and it can deal more damage than Nine Lives Blade Work.
FGO Noble Phantasm


  • Turn on Experimental Gameplay
  • Active behavior pack and resource pack

Download FGO Noble Phantasm

FGO Noble Phantasm

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