Home Furniture Addon for Minecraft [Home stuff]

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Decorate your home with a bunch of cool stuff added in this Home Furniture addon. There is a lot of furniture and decoration items for you to choose from. Especially these kinds of stuff in survival mode will make your game more complete!

Cre: Albii, Youtube

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Home Furniture

This addon contains a lot of modern and functional furniture that you can explore and complete your Minecraft home

Here is the list of the addon content

Living room

  • Ceiling lamps (black and white).
  • Functional chairs (Black, white and orange)
  • Three types of custom doors.
  • Three types of lamps.
  • Bamboo and sappling pots.
  • Roof lights.
  • Three different shelfs.
  • Sofas (black, gray and white)
  • Tables
  • TV


  • Functional plate (You can put food on it).
  • Fridge.
  • Seven types of kitchen cabinets.
  • Knifes stand.
  • Two stools.
  • Functional toaster.

Minecraft Furniture Mod


  • Two types of desk lamps.
  • Functional coat rack (You can put your armor)
  • Functional sword stand (Perfect to show off)
  • LED lights.
  • Nightstands.


  • Functional doorbell.
  • Garden chair and table.
  • Grass wall.
  • Functional grill.
  • Hanging pots.
  • Sprinkler and big sprinkler (perfect to decorate and for your wheat 🙂 )
  • Floaters to have fun with your friends.


  • Bathroom cabinets.
  • Functional shower.
  • Functional sink.
  • Functional toilet.

Home+ addon new version:

Added staircases, wall lamps, statues, three new types of block, more functional doors, tables and tableclothes, desks, more decoration, new signs and closets and functional blinds

Other preview

This home furniture addon contains a button to see most of the block crafting.


– Added a lot of stuff
– Improved custom door behavior.
– Bug fixes.


Home Furniture Addon RP
Home Furniture Addon RP
or click here

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Minecraft Furniture Mod

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