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Coro Shaders Enhanced Negligence is a shader that makes your Minecraft more realistic with late plates and colors.

Cre: JenengkuDepta (Youtube, Twitter)

Coro Shader PE Features v2.0

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This shader can be truncated as CRSPE (CoRo Shader PE). Enhanced Oversight is a shader that enhances coloring in your world Minecraft.

Yes, I made this shader during the aura epidemic. So I was confused about what to name, instead of being confused, I before named it CORO SHADER.


  • Ameliorated Tint
  • Enhanced Coloring world
  • Simple wet effect
  • Dark in the night
  • Sky colorfull
  • Direct Light
  • Enhanced shadow
  • Clear water
  • Advanced end Coloring( a little bright)
  • Specular on the block ( only sunset/ rise)

Some Screenshots from MCPE Addons:

Some shaders you can like in site


  • Redmi 9t
  • Oppo a3s
  • Redmi note 5
  • Note Doesn't suport WIN10, idk this shader supports IOS or not


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  • Update2.0
  • Change the sky color
  • Change Tonemap
  • Enhance Coloring world
  • New Cloud
  • Original sun
  • Enhanced Water
  • Wet bottom
  • New Torch light
  • Fixed other Bug
Coro shader

Download Shader (CRSPE 2.0) (Support Creator)

Download Shader (CRSPE 2.0) (Drive)


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[…] Yes, I made this shader during the ambiance epidemic. So I was confused about what to name, instead of being confused, I anteriorly named it CORO SHADER. […]

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