Custom Damage Colors [128x]

The old red damage overlay when you lose health that makes you feel bored? That’s a great resource pack for you. You will see the damage overlay color off all entities with a wide array of different colors

Cre: ambient, Youtube

Custom Damage Colors

You can choose between either default: Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Purple – Black – White – Rainbow or No damage color

This resource pack works both in your own world and in others. It includes realm and servers

Here has some example:

Pink Overlay

Yellow overlay

Green Overlay

Note from Creator

  • To change the subpacks, you likely have to reload your game.
  • The render controllers for the Ender Dragon, Squids, and Horses are hardcoded. it means the creator doesn’t have the ability to edit how they render in-game on the client.
  • The damage overlay will always be the default red color for the entities
  • Only works on Bedrock Edition 1.16.0+
  • Contact:
    • xbox: ambiennt
    • discord: ambient#2309
Custom Damage Colors

If you want more texture packs, you can refer below:

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