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Jurassic vehicles addon includes 9 car therein 7 new vehicles like jeep, ford, truck, bike, car,… Jeep and Ford Explorer have been remodeled by adding new animations. In the next betas, this addon will be improved in texture and add some new cars. Hope everyone likes it and uses it much in the Minecraft world

Cre: Veloso, Youtube

Jurassic Vehicles Addon

Ford Explorer

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Can drive up to 4 players per vehicle


Can ride up to 4 players per Jeep

Mobile Command Center

This car can drive up to 5 players

Truck Tour

You can ride up to 8 players per truck tour


There are 2 seats for 2 players on this vehicle

Mercedes Benz M-Class

Unit Veterinary

You can ride up to 4 players per car


 Ride up to 2 players per vehicle

Truck Ingen

 Ride up to 2 players per vehicle


– Added 7 new vehicles
– Removed Helicopter
– Remodeled the Jeep and Ford Explorer
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Let these vehicles appear in your Jurassic Park and have fun with your friends:
Jurassic Craft World [Creation]
Abandoned Jurassic World (Fallen Kingdom)

Jurassic Vehicles Addon


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