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Forever Vanilla is a lovely Java Edition visual resource set. I'm here to introduce you to the Bedrock Port of this incredible bundle! I made every effort to adapt every feature of this pack to the bedrock edition! I hope you like this collection!!

Cre: Redstone_Chicken (Youtube)

Forever Vanilla

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Down Below is my Trailer I released on my YouTube Channel!!

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Feature List!

  • Improved block, item and gui textures
  • Better mob models and textures
  • Variated blocks
  • 3D book items
  • Better leaf textures and colours
  • Better/clean particles
  • Fixed vanilla Hotbar transparency
  • Improved enchantment glint

Some other Textures for Minecraft you can check in Mc addons site:


Forever Vanilla
Forever Vanilla
Forever Vanilla
Forever Vanilla
Forever Vanilla
Forever Vanilla
Forever Vanilla
Forever Vanilla
Forever Vanilla
Forever Vanilla


Original Java pack – Link

If you find any bugs on my packs please report them to my or kovaszos_uborka'sdiscord server!


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Forever Vanilla
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Download Forever Vanilla (Mediafire)

Download Forever Vanilla (Intermidiate)

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
Forever Vanilla

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