Item Lore +

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Are you looking for an addon that allows you to modify your items? Then check out Item Lore + addon, it gives you the maximum customization of your item in a very simple way. Easy to install and use, with a unique and simple interface.

Item Lore +

Creator: Death_Aruban (Youtube, Twitter)

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Item Lore +

To Use Item Lore + activate these settings.

Item Lore + With the menu: Requires the experimental mode.

Item Lore +

Item Lore + With the menu: Disable ‘Stealth Mode’ in settings for mobile and console devices.

Item Lore +

To start using the lore, type the following command in the chat:

/Function Lore

Item Lore +

If everything goes well, you will be notified and given an item in your inventory.

Item Lore +

Right-click with your mouse or press and hold the screen to open a UI with three buttons:

  1. Edit Lore Item
  2. Rules
  3. Credits
Item Lore+

To modify your item, click on ‘Edit Lore Item’. If everything goes well, you will be notified in the chat.

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To modify the item, simply crouch on the item of interest and add the name and its lore.

To create a new line of text for the bottom of the lore, add ‘-n‘ to send the text to the next line. For example: ‘Lore Item-nFire x10’. (

After making the modification, click on ‘send’ to confirm.

Item Lore +

The result will be similar to this, but you can customize it as you wish:

Item Lore +

To exit from the lore modification mode, simply click on the ‘Lore Item’ and then click on ‘Exit’.

Item Lore +

I hope you enjoy this addon. If you want more addon updates, please support the project by giving it a star and following me on social networks.


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If you want to learn more about how to use it, please watch this video.


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To install the pack:

Windows: Click on the downloaded file to start the automatic installation.

Android/Ios: You need to have a File Manager, such as RS File Manager. Once you have downloaded the texture, extract it and move it to the games/com.mojang/resource_packs folder.

Console: Import the pack through the Realms.

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Item Lore +

Download Item Lore +

Download Item Lore (Link Backup)

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:

Item Lore +

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