Improved Default Textures

Do you ever feel that any of the visuals in Minecraft might use some adjusting to improve the experience? Many of those textures have been improved with this “Improved Default Textures” collection!

Cre: IonicXHaze

Improved Default Textures

This is NOT a full-fledged texture over hall. This pack is used to improve the quality of various block textures in order to improve builds and the overall experience! One way is to add more brick color variation and color, the other is to improve textures that don’t quite fit in with the rest of the blocks, and there have been a few other minor adjustments to the blocks as well.

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The thick borders on the “smooth” or “polished” blocks were one of the key reasons for creating this pack. Other blocks have had their borders removed as well, including lapis, iron, GLASS, shroomlights, prismarine bricks, redstone, and cut sandstone (which now has a new brick-like texture). The same process is applied to tinted glass.

Smoother stone (stone-like) textures, most recently smoother calcite and tuff, have been introduced to the game. Ore textures have been improved, and the Java Pack has been updated as well (shaders not included).

The textures of grass-like blocks have also been modified, with all four sides of the block looking identical to the top (like optifine).

Many additional textures have also been changed. To begin, several of the new 1.17 textures have been improved to be smoother, have better shading, or simply look nicer. The new raw ore blocks, copper, calcite, and tuff are all part of this. In addition to the amethyst lenses in the emblem, the spyglass now features a circular display.

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There are a couple additional modified block textures that haven’t been mentioned yet. Not only that, but numerous goods, as well as a few entities, have had their textures changed. To replace the old background, the end sky has been given a wonderful starry background. With numerous new modifications in this release, the tools, as well as HUD components, have been upgraded. A new X crosshair, numbered hotbar, less obtrusive icons (ex: Hearts), and a semi-transparent pumpkinblur effect are also included.

There’s even a Java version of the pack, which includes various textures and functionality that are difficult (or impossible) to add to Bedrock owing to engine limitations. The file is packaged as a “unzip me” folder that contains two resource packs: the base pack and a customized pack that works with OptiFine’s linked textures and improved grass capabilities. With ctm off, Bedrock now features a Border-Lower Grass (BLG) SUBPACK that mimics the OptiFine pack textures. Go to the applied resource pack, click the gear icon under the pack, and change the slider to “standard” or (B/LG). Here’s a link to my Planet Minecraft website dedicated to this pack’s Java version:

Also, in the comments section of this page, feel free to provide input on specific texture changes, texture suggestions, and improvements. Especially now that 1.17 has been released.

The improved glass textures can now be downloaded separately. Both the Bedrock.mcpack and the pack will be in a “unzip me”.zip pack, similar to the Java pack. (If you just have one version, you can delete one of the packs.)

Note: Although all texture packs were created on and for the Windows 10 operating system (PC), they should operate on other platforms (phone/console) and operating systems (Mac/Linux). This was not put to the test.

Note 2: If the (bedrock) packs are not specified as a global resource pack, they may not load all of the textures.

Note 3: pack (for bedrock) as well as the ready-to-import.mcpack are available if you wish to change this pack for your own personal use. If you decide to make your altered pack public, I ask that you at least credit me.


  • Notice!!! As this is only a minor fix of a previous version, the UUIDs were kept the same with the last pack, so you will have to delete the last pack v7.1 – 1.18 (Unless you never downloaded the last pack) in order for the fixed pack to Import into the game.
  • Fixed a issue with how potion/mob effect icons displaying incorrectly on screen (for 1.18 pack only).
  • UUIDs remain the same between packs (Look above to see fix)


  • Simply click the download link to begin downloading the file(s).
  • Unzip any “unzip me” files by either copying and pasting the contents or extracting the files.
  • To run Minecraft after downloading the.mcpack (Bedrock/Windows 10) file, simply double-click the folder (unless already open). Minecraft will notify you when the pack has begun importing and whether it is successful.
  • Change the pack extension to.mcpack for pack (Bedrock). Then simply follow the steps outlined above.
  • Open the “open pack folder” in Minecraft and drag the resource pack(s) in for the Java pack (after unzipping the “unzip me” pack).
Improved Default Textures

[Fix] Latest Bedrock 1.18 .mcpack File

Latest Java Files (Unzip Me)

Minecraft Gun Mod

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