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Almost everyone has wished for a machine capable of running ultra-realistic graphics and playing Minecraft in 4K. Try UltraReal 256X right now. With high definition photos that are almost identical to real life, this texture pack makes it feasible. There are even fans that move!

Cre: Azapz (Twitter)

UltraReal 256X

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This texture pack has a 256x resolution, making things appear more lifelike. If you’re not standing too close to the blocks, that is. I’ve even added seamless textures to the majority of the blocks to give it a more realistic feel. I was inspired by Umsoea’s hyper realistic texture pack, which you can see on YouTube, and tried to recreate some of the textures at a lesser resolution so that it will run smoothly on mobile devices. When you combine this with any shader, you get a mobile version of Umsoea’s texture pack, but without the real-time raytracing.

The first thing you’ll notice when you load the game and apply the texture pack is that I’ve altered the title and backdrop pictures.

Here are some more images of the texture pack from Mcpe addons:

Some textures Minecraft PE you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:


Changed featured image, added images to the description, removed the installation guide

UltraReal 256X

Download UltraReal 256X (Support Creator)

Download UltraReal 256X (Drive)

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