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FancyGrass+ Improves The Look Of The Grass Blocks. To avoid confusion with other blocks, FancyGrass+ does not change the Grass Block Icon in the Inventory. You Can Customize The Texture With Subpacks In FancyGrass+!

Cre: MrPug


Full Grass: Gives A Nice Look To The Block Sides By Making Them Use The Block’s Top Texture! (To avoid confusion with other blocks, it does not change the block icon.)

Minecraft Shaders

Lower Grass: Same as Full Grass Texture, But With A Lower Side Texture For A More Elegant Look! (Doesn’t change the icon of the block to avoid confusion with other blocks)

Default Grass: Normal Vanilla Grass!\

  • Apply The Pack On Resource Packs Or Global Resource Packs
  • Then Click On The Pack ( After Applying The Pack)
  • Then Click On This settings Icon To Customize The Pack

You Can Now Pick Your Favorite Texture! (Full Grass is the pack’s default setting.) There’s no need to switch if you want full grass!)


If you’re tired of stuff in the boring vanilla world you can check out some textures Minecraft PE below from Mcpe addons’s site: 

Minecraft Shaders


Updated The Information And Removed The Old Version, Stay tuned for more update!


  1. Install The Pack
  2. Import To Minecraft 
  3. Apply In Resource Packs Or Global Resource Pack
  4. To Customize Click On The Pack ( After Applying)
  5. There Will Be A Settings Logo Click On It
  6. Then Choose Which Texture You Want!

Downloads FancyGrass+

Minecraft Shaders

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