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Monumento Parkour Map

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Monumento Parkour is my second map on this page; both the levels and the starting point for the different levels are too large; it supports multiple players at the same time, and each one can choose their own level without affecting the game; it supports several players at the same time, and each one can choose their own level without affecting the game; Download now! 

Monumento Parkour 

Rules: freestyle (up to you).

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Features: There is no restriction to the number of players, so it doesn’t matter if you just want to hang out.

There are seven levels in total, each of which is unique and unrepeatable, making them extraordinary.

It doesn’t come with any addons or textures, so you can add your own to give it a personal touch, and the map will feel more familiar to you.

If you don’t have a copy, you won’t be able to repeat any of the levels once they’ve been completed.

Running commands on some devices may take some time, depending on your performance, but don’t worry if they work.

I’m not sure what else to say; I just follow the text guidelines and others, and all I can say is… Play for a chance to win!

Check more Pakour Maps in Mcpeaddons.com may be make your Minecraft world more challenge: 

Monumento Parkour

Download Monumento Parkour (Support Creator)

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Download Monumento Parkour (Drive)

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