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This addon is based on the Java Hammer Time mod and has the permission of the original creator! It was called Mining Hammers addon before but now change into Hammer Time Bedrock.

Introduce with 2 versions 2D and 3D. This addon includes 10 hammers, 10 Megas Axes and 10 Megas Hoes, all are based on Java mod! We added a new useful tool for different things in this update.

Cre: SystemTv, Youtube, Twitter

Hammer Time Addon

Some useful tools for you :

  • The hammer chops the blocks and minerals faster since it does it in 3 × 3
  • The hoes serve more to cultivate faster, removing grass and leaves as well. 3 × 3
  • The axes that are used to cut large amounts of wood by just cutting 1 block of wood


/give @s new:


For example with a material, for the rest of the materials the same recipe

Smithing Table

This table for crafting the tools in netherite version. Blacksmith table will be used as normally done in-game

Hammer Time Function

Each tool has its function, more useful than vanilla ones. More resistant and powerful.


You can use tools in Hammer Time Addon with almost any addon that contains a custom axe. Not make sure it works with all axes!
This addons also DOES NOT USE PLAYER.JSON, so it will be compatible with almost addons.

Note: if you want to make a video about this addon, you must put the download link original of the creator!

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


– Solution in the names of the items
– Solution in 3d items when on the ground
– Problems when chopping blocks with hammers
– Compatibility with 1.19 onwards


mcpeaddons download

Download Hammer Time Addon V8.5 Update!!

Or here (backup link)
HamerTime 3D RP
HamerTime 3D BP

There are many more cool addons that you may like on Mcpeaddons.com, see more below

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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