AddOnsGhost Addon (1.20) – MCPE Bedrock Mod

Ghost Addon (1.20) – MCPE Bedrock Mod

Ghost Addon lets you respawn as a ghost when you die. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock different ghostly abilities.

The game world is haunted and full of ghosts, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore and discover new things.

Ghost Addon

Ghost Player:

Minecraft Gun Mod

Ghost Addon

When you respawn as a ghost, you will:

  • burn in daylight
  • phase through mobs
  • be a monster, so monsters will not attack you – excluding illagers. (Ghosts and illagers are mortal enemies)
  • lose no hunger, due to a lack of a stomach
  • take no poisonous damage, as you have no flesh
  • take no suffocation damage, due to the lack of lungs.

Ghost NPC:

Ghost Addon
Ghost Addon

  • If you are playing on a world that has the old version of the add-on and you wish to update, please run the command “/function scoreboard” to update properly. If you don’t, some features might not work.
  • This addon is playable for up to 5 players. Any more might crash the game.
  • Enable all Experiments and Education Edition. For the best gaming experience, go to ‘Settings > Video’ and toggle ‘FOV Can Be Altered By Gameplay’ off.


Ghost Addon

Minecraft Gun Mod

Download Ghost-Addon-MCPE-1.20.mcaddon here

Minecraft Gun Mod

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