Dreamsy Snack | Minecraft Furniure Mod

Dreamsy Snack is an addon add you more and more food& drink. It’s include cake, juice, milk, bowl,….

Creator: Delightfulcharm

Dreamsy Snack

How to get items:

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Dreamsy snack

Guide to download Dreamsy Snack from Furniture Mod app:


Dreamsy Snack – Guide to download in Furniture mod for Minecraft minecrfatfurnituremod kitchenfurniture furnituremod fypシ viral furniture mcpeaddons minecraftjava adorable decor minecraft dreamsysnack

♬ original sound – 🌸 FurnitureMod 🌸 – 🌸 FurnitureMod 🌸

Some items will be invisible you can fix:

Some screenshots:

Dreamsy snack
Dreamsy snack
Dreamsy snack
Dreamsy snack

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Dreamsy snack
Dreamsy snack

Some Minecraft furniture mod you can check more in Mcpe addons:

Dreamsy snack

Download Dreamsy snack addon (Mediafire)

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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