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I’m Mr. Ender. Today i introduce Ender’s Christmas Items Addon. Christmas with you and gifts. Even though Christmas is coming soon, you may still celebrate every day of the year with it in your heart (I really neglected to upload it here on Christmas). Thus, I present to you Christmas-themed furniture today. “Ender’s Christmas Items” addon.

Creator: Mr-Ender

Ender’s Christmas Items


Ender’s Christmas Items includes functional furniture and decorations, and each piece of furniture and decoration uses sixteen adorable decals in the manner of cartoons, making them ideal for arranging in various parts of the home.

✅ Features

  • Include 8 pieces of furniture and 1 Christmas hat helmet.
  • Some of the blocks have special functions. They are not just decorations.
  • The decals are in a cute 16x resolution cartoon style that blends in well with the original resource pack.
  • Merry Christmas!


Christmas tree

Many items are on display in the exquisite Christmas tree. They are symbolic of well wishes for the future even though they cannot be opened. The Christmas tree has a nighttime glow as well.

Ender's Christmas Items

Minecraft Furniture Mod

The reindeer rocked the chair

A rocking chair is designed with a cute reindeer, with a bright red nose on the face. You can long press or press interactive buttons to sit on this rocking chair for a comfortable ride.

Ender's Christmas Items

Christmas Stocking

This Christmas stocking has a very visible silk bow and a beautiful Christmas wreath. It can be hung on all four walls to make your Christmas morning more exciting.

Ender's Christmas Items

Christmas Snowman

Snowman dolls that will never melt can be placed on mantles, shelves, walls, and windowsills. The classic and cute style is also always popular with most children and adults.

Ender's Christmas Items

Christmas Bell

A Christmas bell that can be long pressed/interacted to ring bells, which is suitable for hanging on the wall and can change direction according to the orientation.

Ender's Christmas Items

Gingerbread man chair & table

This gingerbread man chair & table set contains a total of two pieces of furniture. The chair can be long press or interacted to take a ride. Both pieces of furniture can be placed in all directions, and carry with the collision volume of the block.

Ender's Christmas Items

Christmas Candles

The Christmas candle’s candlelight symbolizes good wishes. This candle also emits light when placed.

Ender's Christmas Items

Christmas Hat

Placing this Christmas hat in the helmet slot will display a 3D model of a Christmas hat on your head. It provides 5 points of defense and has a full 700 points of durability.

Ender's Christmas Items
Ender's Christmas Items

Some Minecraft furniture Mod for Christmas you can check in Mcpe addons:

❓ F.A.Q.

Need support or want to follow other addons development

The comments section has limited functionality. That’s why Mr. Ender recommends you to join the Discord community. This is the Discord of the team I work with and you can find me here.

Besides that, you can get help here with installing and configuring modules, resolving crashes and more! Also, you can access news about other addons updates and download the latest package versions ahead of time. Click on the link above to get started.


After downloading the Ender’s Christmas Items addons, you can add the addons to the world and enable Holiday Creator Features. If you don’t know how to do it yet, you can go to our Discord channel for a detailed graphic tutorial.

Ender's Christmas Items
Ender's Christmas Items

Download Ender’s Christmas Items

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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