Enchanted HSPE Shaders | Minecraft PE Shaders

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This shader will enhanced your vanilla Minecraft Graphics to more realistic and unique. This Shader also attaches great importance to the gameplay. Like great coloring, shadow, waving water and plant, … and more!

Creator: Wanze


  • Beautiful Sky
  • Transparent + clear water
  • Dynamic water color
  • Dynamic Entity color
  • Shadows
  • Waving plant (leaves and grass)
  • Unique Torch
  • Simple water wave
  • Simple caustic
  • Rain Fog
  • Grayscale/Monocrhome
  • Sunrise and Sunset fog
  • Experimental Feature

This shader have 3 variants : Default, Smooth, and Experimental. You can choose it from the setting of this shader subpacks.

  • Default: this is normal feature for this shader
  • Smooth: This is the lowest version of this shader and will reduce lag on low-end device. So it’s quite recommended for your gameplay. Without:
    • Waving
    • Clouds
    • End Sky
    • Dirlight
  • Experimental:
    • Sunbeam (can move)
  • Wet Effect + Puddle

  • Glowing Ores

  • Galaxy End Sky


  • Adjust the brightness of your game by adjusting this shader. (Suggest: 45-65 or 50)
  • Don’t play with texture pack if you using experimental version
  • Ground fog will appear if you are in a high place.
  • Glowing ores and Metallic only supports version around MC 1.16


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