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Soul Add-on for Minecraft

Creator: Chris There are 3 items added in this Soul add-on which are Enchanted Sword, Soul, Staff. To activate the mob you need to type /function...

Crimson Color Fix


Squid Game Skin Pack v1

This Elingo Custom Swords addon includes 40+ brand new Swords. You can craft a sword in survival mode or creative with commands

Cre: Captain_Elingo

List of Elingo Custom Swords

Air SwordAndesite Sword
Quartz SwordDiorite Sword
Ice SwordGranite Sword
Magma SwordOak Wooden Sword
Dirt SwordBirch Wooden Sword
Melon SwordSpruce Wooden Sword
BambooSwordJungle Wooden Sword
Obsidian SwordDark Oak Wooden Sword
Crying Obsidian SwordAcacia Wooden Sword
Blackstone SwordSponge Sword
Prismarine SwordRedstone Sword
Bone SwordSoulsand Sword
Ender SwordTotem Sword
Rainbow SwordBedrock Sword
Honeycomb SwordCobblestone Sword
Glass SwordMossy Cobblestone Sword
Clay SwordStone Sword
Leather Sword + All ColorsLeaf Sword
Crimson Wooden SwordEmerald Sword
Warped Wooden SwordNetherrack Sword
Chorusfruit SwordNetherite Scrap Sword
Cake Sword

Crafting Recipes

Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords
Elingo Custom Swords

Damage list:

Air Sword = 1 DamageAndesite Sword = 5 Damage
Quartz Sword = 8 DamageDiorite Sword = 5 Damage
Ice Sword = 10 DamageGranite Sword = 5 Damage
Magma Sword = 10 DamageOak Wooden Sword = 4 Damage
Dirt Sword = 1 DamageBirch Wooden Sword = 4 Damage
Melon Sword = 7 DamageSpruce Wooden Sword = 4 Damage
Bamboo Sword = 3 DamageJungle Wooden Sword = 4 Damage
Blackstone Sword = 6 DamageDark Oak Wooden Sword = 4 Damage
Ender Sword = 6 DamageAcacia Wooden Sword = 4 Damage
Obsidian Sword = 7 DamageSponge Sword = 3 Damage
Crying Obsidian Sword = 7 DamageRedstone Sword = 5 Damage
Prismarine Sword = 7 DamageSoulsand Sword = 4 Damage
Rainbow Sword = 16 DamageTotem Sword = 8 Damage
Bone Sword = 5 DamageBedrock Sword = 100 Damage
Honeycomb Sword = 5 DamageCobblestone Sword = 5 Damage
Glass Sword = 8 DamageMossy Cobblestone Sword = 5 Damage
Clay Sword = 3 DamageStone Sword = 5 Damage
Leather Sword = 3 DamageLeaf Sword = 3 Damage
Crimson Wooden Sword = 5 DamageEmerald Sword = 6 Damage
Warped Wooden Sword = 5 DamageNetherrack Sword = 5 Damage
Chorusfruit Sword = 8 DamageNetherite Scrap Sword = 9 Damage
Cake Sword = 6 Damage


Added 11 new swords
The wooden Swords have new recipes
Now you can eat the Melon Sword and Cake Sword
The Chorus Fruit Sword will teleport you when right-clicked


Elingo Custom Swords
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[…] Elingo’s Custom Swords AddOn […]


[…] Elingo’s Custom Swords AddOn […]

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