Dahlia craft addon | Minecraft Furniture Mod

Dahlia craft addon is created by Jhulyzha✿ add you more 40 items include cabinet, chair, chairsmall, pictures,…..

Creator: Jhulyzha✿ (youtube)

Dahlia craft addon

How to use:

Minecraft Furniture Mod

  • The best minecraft is used Minecraft 1.18 below
  • Active behavior and Resource pack
  • Turn all experiment
  • Find items in Inventory
Dahlia craft addon
Smallchair_Dahlia Craft addon
Dahlia Craft addon
Dahlia Craft addon
Dahlia Craft addon
Dahlia Craft

Some Minecraft furniture mod you can check in Mcpe addons:

Kiyomi Craft Addon V2

Ghoulcraft Garden Pack | Minecraft furniture mod

Minecraft Furniture Mod

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-button-3-2-1-2-3-1.png

Download Dahlia Craft (Mediafire)

Download Dahlia Craft (Link backup)

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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