Connected Glass Addon for Minecraft

Come to Connected Glass Addon to get a new experience with glasses in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, fully automatic connected. This addon will not replace the vanilla texture of the original glass because unable to edit the vanilla block’s behavior. So here has an option, we added glass instead of editing the vanilla ones.

Cre: Habib_Anwash

Connected Glass Addon

To get these glasses, you can open the creative inventory or craft them

Connected Glass Addon will not make you confused about /give @p command. With fully automatic glass, when you place the glass side by side, they will be connected automatically like Minecraft Java Optifine


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How to get Connected Glass Addon

In the creative mode:

  • You can get them in the “construction” panel which is in the glass item group, for regular glass. And glass pane item group for glass pane.
  • However, I would recommend you use “/function get_glass_pane” instead of getting the glass pane from the creative inventory because it will not follow your direction

In the survival mode, you can craft them by using a glass block

The usage of stick

The stick is used to spawn the entity in the glass and make it connect again. However, the entity is removed in this version, so it is used to lock/unlock the glass state (means if you want the glass to be able to change its state or not, you can use the stick). Especially, it doesn’t make the glass disconnect/connect. It just determines whether the glass can be changed or not

To make it changeable again, right-click/tab the glass with the stick one more time

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Don’t forget to enable: Experiments in the world settings.

This glass will not interact with the beacon beam.

Connected Glass made the texture more detailed

Glass pane can be connected to all solid blocks

Get Minecraft bedrock connected glass texture pack:

mcpeaddons download

Old version

Connect Glass Addons v1.1.1 (gg drive)

Note from Creator

  • You are not allowed to repost Connected Glass Addon on any website
  • You are not allowed to modify this pack (only modify for personal use/don’t share the modification pack)
  • If you want to review this pack on YouTube, don’t share the direct link
  • A glass pane is not added yet in this version


Minecraft Connected Glass Addon
– V1.04
+ 3d-display glass item
+ 1.17 support
– V1.05
+ Added tinted glass
+ Fixed bug when placing 3 × 3 glass
– V1.06
+ Removed detector entity

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