Commander Machine Boss Add-on for Minecraft (1.12.0 only)

Commander Machine Boss has many abilities and attacking techniques with extremely powerful. This is one of the hardest bosses to kill and defeat in Minecraft. With health seems to be undying and endless, you will not defeat this boss with sharp weapons and complete armors !!. In addition, this boss can summon entities, shoot with different projectiles, attack melee, … so you need to make your own strategy to win Commander Boss

Cre: TheCommanderCreeper (Youtube, Twitter)


  • Not spawnable and summonable.
  • Spawn by using a Charged Commander Boss Egg.
  • Has a boss health bar.
  • Immune to fire, can teleport.
  • Health: 1000
  • Attacks players
  • Red charged.
  • Randomly melee attacks (Poison, Blindness, Nausea)
  • Randomly summons entity (Commanded Zombie, Commanded Creeper, Commanded Skeleton, Command Bug, Mutant Chicken, and Command Bomb)
  • Can transform into a flying state.
  • Randomly shoot a different projectile (Skeleton Arrow, Fireball, and TNT).
  • Can shoot lightning bolts to the target.
  • Can regenerate its own health.
  • Immune to damage

Entities Summoned

Commanded Creeper

  • Spawnable, summonable
  • Identifier: command:commanded_creeper
  • Moves faster than normal creeper when chasing a target
  • Creeper’s explosion doesn’t break any blocks
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Commanded Skeleton

  • Spawnable, summonable
  • Identifier: command:commanded_skeleton
  • Skeleton doesn’t burn in daylight

Commanded Zombie

  • Spawnable, summonable
  • Identifier: command:commanded_zombie
  • Moves faster
  • Has not burned in daylight

Command Bug

  • Spawnable, summonable
  • Identifier: command:command_bug
  • Health: 5
  • Moves very fast
  • Immune to fire
  • Attack Damage: 1
  • Use melee attack to attack the player

Command Bomb

  • Spawnable, summonable
  • Identifier: command:command_bomb
  • Health: 14
  • Immune to fire.
  • It can fly
  • Use explosion to attack the player

Mutant Chicken

  • Spawnable, summonable
  • Identifier: command:mutant_chicken
  • The size is twice as big as a normal chicken
  • Health: 25
  • Moves slow.
  • Use melee attack with levitation effect to attack the player

How to Summon the Commander Machine Boss

You can only summon this boss using Commander Boss egg. This egg has charged in red color and it does deal with any damage.

Placing the Commander Boss Egg in survival mode, it will summon some lightning bolts. After a few seconds, this egg will be transformed into a Commander Machine Boss

Battle with Commander Machine Boss

Weapons, armors, and foods are not enough to defeat the Commander Boss!! To start a battle with this boss, you must have powerful weapons and armors with effect, health, and strength effects of some food. In the best way, you can use Command Sword to defeat this addon

The Command Sword

It has resistance, absorption, fire resistance, jump boost, and strength

  • Attack damage: 5
  • Speed will increase
  • When the player’s fall damage becomes 0, the health will be double

Use the command to get custom item: /give @p command:command_sword


Make sure that your version is 1.12.0 and experimental gameplay
is turned on. Command Sword will appear in-game


After a bunch of attack for Commander Boss, it will transform into a Flying Commander Boss that only shoot lightning bolts on attack

After a bunch of attacks for Flying Commander Boss, it will transform into an inactive state that unresponsive and does not attack entities.

Commander Boss will drop the command block by interacting with it, then you take it. Now you completely destroy this boss

The Commander Boss will turn in red color and will begin to explode after 20 seconds when you taking command block

An explosion radius is 10 blocks, so stay away to the Commander Boss after taking its command block.


  • Added custom animations for Commander Boss and its entities

Downloads Commander Machine Boss

Commander Machine Boss

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