Pisces PE Shaders v1.4

This is a light pack of shaders that players can be used on low-end devices. Pisces Pe Shaders is very simple but it will make your world become more realistic with nice features such as realistic lighting, sky, shadows, and coloring

Cre: Scorpio Graphics, Twitter, IG

Features of Pisces PE Shaders

Pisces Pe 1.2 v1.2.0

Staining the light of a torch

Realistic shadow

Sky color, Stars, Cloud

Fog, Realistic sunlight

Wavy and moving water
Waving plants.

Tonemap coloring

Pisces BE Shaders (Android/iOS/Windows 10) V1.6-V1.16

This shaders no longer work on Minecraft v. and above

Note from creator

  • You are allowed to:
    • Make videos or pictures with my shaders (YouTube, Twitch, …)
    • Modify my shaders ONLY for yourself!
  • You are not allowed to:
    • Claim my shaders as your own! (Don’t ask me for permissions!)
    • Redistribute and/or re-upload it!
    • Use the content of my shaders!
    • Use adf.ly links or any other URL-shortener! (Except bit.ly and goo.gl)
  • If you like to share my shaders, please share it with a link to My LINK!
  • If you modified something or use my development shaders, please leave a note.
  • Don’t make apk with my shaders
  • Otherwise, you will receive STRIKE

License: Copyright (C) Scorpio Graphics – All Rights Reserved

More Credit:

  • Mojang Studios: Thanks for keep updating the Minecraft Bedrock Edition!
  • My donators: Thank you all for supporting me!
  • You: Thanks for downloading and playing with my texture! 😉
  • Designevo: Thank you for the logo maker

Minecraft Shaders


Pisces PE Shaders:
– Fixed a few bugs and made underwater a more realistic
– There is a cloud for Windows 10The torchlight that is much more saturated and has a smaller radius.
– Shadows are now much smoother.
– The movement of water and leaves is now more visible.
– The mist now had a different color.
– The color of the water has now changed.
– Now the sky has a more saturated color.
– The clouds are now much nicer and smoother.
– Nether is now much better
– Fixed a few bugs and made underwater a more realistic
– There is a cloud for Windows 10


Pisces PE Shaders

or here

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Minecraft Shaders

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[…] Pisces BE Shaders […]


[…] Pisces BE Shaders […]

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