ENBS Shader v1.5 | Texture Pack

ENBS Shader – A shader fit for your low-end device. It’s pretty not much laggy because it’s checked on laggy gadgets. This is the second shader after BNS Shader v1.5 that you can try to download and play in your Minecraft world

Cre: RenderChunk Gaming, YoutubeTwitterFacebook

Feature ENBS Shader

  • Sun Flare
  • Bright Sky
  • Wet Rain Effect
  • Realistic Sun and Moon
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Realistic Clouds
  • Player Shadow
  • Smooth Lighting
  • Underwater Wavy Effect
  • Waving Grass, Leaves, Flowers & More

Watch some more other screenshot in the Minecraft world with the ENBS Shader

Try other shader to make your world become more realistic: BNS Shader v1.5

License terms

No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted without the author’s permission.
Person with permission must share ENBS shader only with the official download links and credits to the author.
For other ways of sharing and editing the codes, you must contact the author.
You are allowed to showcase or share my shader on YouTube, but at least leave my credit on the description. I am trusting you to share my shader with the world

More Credits

@Blaholtzen – Clouds
@TheHybred – sky.material code
@Robot Pantaloons – Half of the renderchunk fragment and vertex codes in his Bare Bones Texture Pack

Minecraft Shaders


– Updated the credits
– Rearranged a bit of the content
– If you have any problems with my shader, or have bugs, please contact me on Twitter


ENBS Shader

Minecraft Shaders

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