Flat Lucky Worlds for Minecraft [Custom Terrain]

The flat world in Minecraft is not bored anymore. Now the custom terrain Flat Lucky Worlds will change it and make your world completely different. Download one of these three flat worlds and enjoy it!

Cre: Effect99MC, Twitter, Youtube

Flat Lucky Worlds

Opening blocks of luck to infinity world, where you can fight with herobrine, the dragon, giant lava slimes, a giant zombie, and many more enemies!!! This pack includes 6 flat worlds

6 Flat lucky worlds block

Lucky Block World

Spiral Lucky Block World

Rainbow Lucky Block World

Astral Lucky Block World

Withered Lucky block World

Combination Lucky Flat World

It’s randomly generated

These worlds are completely infinite so break the lucky blocks will make you drop from exhaustion

When you break the lucky blocks, you will get many magic things inside such as weapons, enemy spawners,…

More capture of these worlds


– Added 3 new flat worlds
– Updated new version of lucky blocks for all worlds
– Fixed bugs


Lucky block Flat World
Spiral Lucky block Flat World
Rainbow Lucky block Flat World
Astral Lucky block Flat World
Withered Lucky block Flat World
Combination Lucky Flat World

or Download (GG Drive)

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