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Hi I am ZorroCraft from India, this Auto Machinery is a helpful addon. It’s includes 10+ Different machine. If you hate all time mining for resources, this addon only for you!

Auto Machinery


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1.1 New Update

A. Simple Cobblestone Generator

Auto Machinery

In this Update you can craft 3 different cobblestone generator which is automatically work without power.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Collecting Systems

If you like redstone, you can build like this:

Auto Machinery
Auto Machinery

Or use item magnet/filter

Auto Machinery
Auto Machinery

B. Advance Item Shorter

Auto Machinery

It’s automatically arrange your item. You just need to set filter.

If you can’t understand just check my yt video


How to Craft?

Don’t worry all recipes are Unlock, you can see them on Crafting Table.

Can I use this for Map/SMP/Modpack?

Yes there is no problem, make sure you give me Credit or share this page link.

Important Block

Auto Machinery

Wrench Box – When you break this block, you got a Wrench , it’s use to break all machine, block breaker & item magnet.

Block Breaker – Breaks the block below it

Item Magnet –  it’s Collect drop item item within 8 block radius

How to Play?

  • In this addon a lot of different machine & there is no electric/Power system it’s easy & less laggy. 
  • There is a lot of different machine,  
  • For skyblock like map – Crock, Barrel, Sieve, Crusher, Lava Generator. 
  • For regular resources grinding – dirt generator, copper generator, iron generator, coal generator, gold  generator, redstone generator, lapis generator, diamond generator

Auto chopper & Auto Farming

It’s Hard to explain in written 

Check my yt video

Download Auto Machinery

Auto Machinery

Behaviour pack:

Resources pack:

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