Guided Missiles and Flamethrower Soldiers – Army Addon Updated

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Are you interested in some Army addon with your Minecraft? You should use this add-on, then! We have a wide range of weapons, including guided missiles, army tanks, air raids, hummers, snipers, jeeps, and pillager paratroopers. Flamethrower Soldiers and Guided Missiles are introduced in this fourth (of many) releases.

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Guided Missiles and Flamethrower Soldiers – Army Addon

Air Raid Siren (start here)

To begin your collection of Army vehicles, you’ll need some vehicle inventory. However, you must first take out a group of pillaging soldiers, including snipers and flamethrower soldiers, in order to obtain that. And you must launch an air raid first before you can do it. You must have an air raid siren, which you may make by following this recipe:

Army Addon

Once you’ve got one, place it down and interact with it. 

Army addon

This will call forth three to four waves of plundering paratroopers, who will descend from the sky and start attacking everything. Protect your automobiles and pets! These individuals are a threat to everything (except monsters). Protect the air raid siren as well to prevent it from being destroyed by stray fire.

Army Addon

These people are going to dump vehicle crafting tables, wheels, motors, targeting devices, guided missiles, and army rations. You may create your own army vehicles with the last three. The first drop (rations) are the most plentiful and nutrient-dense.

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Vehicle Crafting Table

Place down your crafting table, it should look like this:

Army Addon

Interact with it to bring up your trade table:

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Currently, six vehicles are available. To “construct” these cars, use the inventory parts you have collected. The “advanced” motors have a subtle sheen to them. There will be many more automobiles soon.

Army Jeep

Beware of enemy mobs! If they are a “monster” creature, this two-seater Jeep can destroy them. Redstone and iron ingots are used for repair.

Army Addon

Minecraft Gun Mod

Guided Missile

First you need a Targeting Device. You may build one like so:

Army Addon

Then place it down in an area you wish no longer existed. 

Army Addon

Build your Guided Missile like this:

Army Addon

Additionally, “put” it down. It will take off, fly around, and then, after spotting a Targeting Device, it will descend quickly and explode when it is four blocks away. It is unnecessary for it to see the Device. Additionally, the explosion is really devastating, so take caution!

Army Addon

After some time if it doesn’t find a Targeting Device, it will despawn.


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The Plains biome contains these far-reaching dangers (and in the occasional Air Raid). Although you might not see them parachuting in, you should still receive a warning from your (false) communications unit. They have a very broad range, deal a ton of damage, and flee if you get too closely. Fight or run? Your choice. Simply finish it soon!

Army Addon

If you see this in-game you are probably in quite some trouble.

Army Tank

Army Addon

One of these nasty boys will cost you ten (10!) motors and a netherite block (10!) in trade. When destroyed, it does not release its spawn egg, so be cautious! Interact with the tank once you are riding it to fire the cannon.

Radio (to call in Villager Paratroopers)

Army Addon

Pillager Paratrooper Raids too hard? Well, maybe you could use a hand from the good guys. Build a radio, like this:

Army Addon

Set it aside and turn on the radio to call for those reinforcements. There will be two or three waves of assistance. Use the Villager Paratroopers judiciously because they won’t be there for more than a few minutes!

Army Motorbike

Army Addon

Two seater! And a whole lot of fun. Will not drop its spawn egg when destroyed.

Army Addon

Time to get down to business. The minigun situated on the roof will fire creatures (and the dreaded wasps if you have that pack installed). This requires two players and does not leave behind a spawn egg when destroyed.


Army Addon

Not just any wheelchair, though! Very quick and an insane jumper, sometimes even higher than the motorcycles. When destroyed, it also leaves behind its spawn egg. Enjoy!

Advanced Motor

Some of the vehicles require it. The sniper will occasionally drop them, or you can make your own by doing something like this:

Army Addon

Very expensive but worth it if you need a Hummer.

Army Addon

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Added the following:

  • Targeting Device and Guided Missile
  • Flamethrower Soldier

Some minor changes:

  • Made the Pillager Paratroopers immune from damaging each other
  • Added Flamethrower Soldiers to Air Raids
  • Made all soldiers drop Targeting Devices and Guided Missiles
  • Reduced Sniper spawn rate and location (now only spawns in ‘mutated’ biomes)
Army Addon

Download Army V4.0 or Link Backup

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