AEoutdoor Outdoor Furniture for MCPE

AEoutdoor outdoor furniture is a new addon for Aeaddon series. There are added 9 outdoor pieces of furniture to decorate outside of your house! This addon only uses in creative mode, you can’t craft them. ( 1.16.200+ only)

Cre: aecraft

AEoutdoor outdoor furniture

It just a small pack but don’t worry because this addon will be updated as soon as possible. To make it work please enable these settings in the picture below:]

Minecraft Furniture Mod

How to obtain the furnitures:

You need to get a Stone cutter and “Aeoutdoor”, then put Aeoutdoor in Minecraft Stonecutter and you will see all furniture

AEoutdoor furniture outdoor add:


It includes three colors so you just need to click the block to change its color


Minecraft Furniture Mod

It includes three variants Oak, Spruce and Birch. To change it, you just need to click the block to change its color

Outdoor grill & leave fence

Porch swing

Dog house

Stone path


Table w umbrella 

Note from Creator

  • You are not allowed to distribute AEoutdoor outdoor furniture on a different website
  • If you make a video or so meds, don’t claim it’s your, please make a review but put a link to youtube video @/aecraft
  • Don’t add things or change the codes and distributing it


AEoutdoor outdoor furniture

or here

👉 If you like this AEoutdoor outdoor furniture addon, you can also check our Redred Craft Addon V4, Lily Pads Plus+ texture pack for MCPE

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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