Custom Hotbars v1 Texture Pack

Do you want to try a new Hotbars instead of the old one in the Minecraft game? This Custom Hotbars will help you get 23 classic Hotbars and 2 animated ones. You can choose and use any Hotbars that you like to make your game look more interesting. Hope you enjoy it

Cre: TheBestPH, Youtube, Twitter

How to use Custom Hotbars?

1- Launch Minecraft -> go to settings -> global resources
2- Press “Custom Hotbar” and then click activate
3- Click “Setting” to edit Hotbars

Custom Hotbars Available

List of this texture

  1. Clear/Invisible Hotbar
  2. Partially Clear Hotbar
  3. Rainbow Hotbar
  4. Clear Rainbow Hotbar
  5. Wooden Hotbar
  6. Fancy Hotbar
  7. Creeper Hotbar
  8. Diamond Hotbar
  9. Dirt Hotbar
  10. Stone Hotbar
  11. Emerald Hotbar
  12. Gold Hotbar
  13. Lava Hotbar
  14. Water Hotbar
  15. Obsidian Hotbar
  16. Sandstone Hotbar
  17. Bedrock Hotbar
  18. Brick Hotbar
  19. Endstone Hotbar
  20. Portal Hotbar
  21. Glowing Obsidian Hotbar
  22. Grass Hotbar
  23. TNT Hotbar


Let watch some pictures below, it will help you imagine this texture pack

Clear/Invisible Hotbar

Partially Clear Hotbar

Rainbow Hotbar

Clear Rainbow Hotbar

Fancy Hotbar

Diamond Hotbar

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Custom Hotbars

You can get .Zip file here: Custom Hotbars .zip download

Animated Hotbars

Except for the 23 classic Hotbars featured above, this texture pack also includes 2 animations. You can see them in the gif below

The first one is Animated Rainbow Hotbar:

The second one is Animated Portal Hotbar:

Well, these things will look better in-game more than these gifs!

Note from Creator:

  • The Custom Hotbars made by TheBestPH himself
  • Also thanks to Kryston for helping me with the animated Hotbar codes
  • You are allowed to:
    • Make a video showcase about this texture pack but please credit me, put the link of MCPEDL on the description. Please do not use a direct download link. Besides that please add the link of my youtube channel!
    • Edit the texture pack for personal uses only
  • You are not allowed to:
    • Repost this on other websites without credits
    • Steal this texture pack


This resource pack is copyrighted with MIT License. Please learn about this license so you’ll know the legal permissions of my pack.

* If you want to make your world more exciting, you can download add-ons below and enjoy them:

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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