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Zinknite Mobs | Xbox, Win10, MCP, and MBEZinkenite mobs offer some mobs other textures and alter parts of their models, such as giving the dragon a more frightening appearance, giving the skeleton a quiver, and giving the creeper a tnt in its breast, among other changes.

Creator: JollyMacChiato (youtube)

Zinkenite Mobs


Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

– Blaze – improved model

– Cave Spider – improved model

– Chicken – improved model (w/random textures)

– Cow – improved model (w/biome dependent and random textures)

– Creeper – improved model (1 in 200 chance to get a Golden Creeper)

– Dolphin – random textures

– Drowned – random textures with glowing effect

– Ender Dragon – improved model

– Enderman – improved model

– Ghast – improved texture

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

– Glow Squid – improved model

– Guardian – improved model

– Pig – improved model (w/random textures)

– Sheep – improved model

– Skeleton – improved model (w/biome dependent and random textures)

– Spider – improved model (w/biome dependent textures)

– Squid – improved model (w/random textures)

– Stray – improved model

– Turtle – random textures

– Wandering Trader – random textures

– Wither – improved model

– Wolf – random textures (Normal, Border Collie, Golden Retriever, and Husky textures)

– Zombie – random textures

In the original version (java editon) iron golem has random texture but I can’t make it in bedrock edition.

Some Minecraft Addon PE you can check in Mcpe addons:

KAIJU MUTANT MOBS | Minecraft Addon PE

Coptaine Animation V1.5 | Minecraft Addons PE

Some images:

Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs

All the images came here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/zinkenitemobs. I also got all the models and textures here, I just made some tweaking so that it matches the bedrock models.

If you experienced any bugs, just let me know.

Credit to Zinkenite31 and thanks for giving me permission.

Zinkenite Mobs
Zinkenite Mobs

Please if you’re gonna use this to your content give me and the original creator (Zinkenite31) credit.

Support my channel: JollyMacChiato

There are 2 slightly different files.

The Zinkenite mobs (Bedrock) addon is literally what is written in the description.

The Zinkenite mobs (Bedrock) resource pack has less feature which is the mob textures are completely random (no more biome dependent textures and golden creeper is now as common as green creeper.

I hope that should not confuse you.

Zinkenite Mobs

Download Zinkenite Mobs (Bedrock) Addon

Download Zinkenite Mobs (Bedrock) Resource pack

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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