World War II Early Access IS2 Mod1944 Demo

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World War II Early Access Is2 Mod1944 Demo Is For Everyone Can Test The IS2 In The World War II Addon Project

Creator: Asian Power (Youtube)

IS2 Mod1944

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A Heavy Tank From USSR In World War II(1944) With Thick Armor Has Very High Survivability And Very Powerful Firepower With 122mm Gun D-25T Can Destroy Any Tank On The Battlefield

Weaknesses Are Slow Movement And Long Reload Time

Max Speed:38km/h

Weapon: 1 Main Gun D-25T 122m and 1 Dshk 12.7mm Machine Gun

Auxiliary: Calling Artillery Support, Camouflage, Zoom A Bit

IS2 Mod1944
IS2 Mod1944
IS2 Mod1944
IS2 Mod1944
IS2 Mod1944

Artillery Support

Calling Artillery Support To Help We Desteoy Enemy From Far Distance, It’s Really Not So Effective But Using It To Destroy Something Would Be Great

Make Sure It Hit Block When U Use It

IS2 Mod1944
How To Shoot The Tank?
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Use Flint And Steel

How To Use The Item?

Use It Like U Eat Some Food

World War II Early Access IS-2 Mod1944 will be realease soon.

Some Addons Minecraft PE you can check in

IS2 Mod1944

Download IS2 Mod1944 (Zip)

Download IS2 Mod1944 (Mcaddon)

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
IS2 Mod1944

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