Villagers Come Alive Addon for Minecraft PE

Villagers become more alive and useful in this addon!! They will have similar abilities to humans in real life. But how to make them start a relationship with each other and even have a baby?

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Villagers Come Alive Addon

Let use cake for the villager!! In addition, you can pay them Gold Ingots to hire them as your guard, you can even fire them when you don’t need them anymore

That makes villagers become more interesting. You will be able to gain a social advantage (monetary) by interacting with people


Do you want to spark love between villagers? Let give each of them a cake. They do the love dance, a baby villager will come to life!!

Villagers will immediately start following you if you are holding the cake in your hand

Female villagers: It has female attributes like breasts, a few pixels shorter. Normal villager has replaced them

Male villagers: Zombie villagers have replaced by them. They are taller than females and you can only hire males as guards

Use Villager Spawn Egg to spawn both male and females

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Only male villagers can train as a guard. There are 2 types of the village: normal ones and guards.

You can train a normal villager as a guard by giving him an Iron Chestplate, he will protect the village from monsters

How to hire a guard

Use 1 – 6 gold ingot to hire a male villager to be your guard. It’s hired when you see some heart particles appear.

You can command guard to stay or follow you (similar to a wolf)

  • Archer: Give bow
  • Swordsman: Give the iron sword

Let fire the guard when you don’t need him anymore, you will get a gold ingot

mcpeaddons download

Villagers Come Alive Addon (R) .McPack

Villagers Come Alive Addon (B) .McPack

ZIP file


  • Zombie villager is male villagers, taller than normal males
  • Normal villagers are female villagers, smaller, female attributes
  • You will need both male and female to breed villager babies
  • Only males can be trained to become guards
  • If zombie kill villager, they will turn into a normal zombie
  • Villagers and guards can be healed with almost any type of food item
  • No villager sounds

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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