Villager Soldier 1.19 Version (Gameplay Update)

Villager Soldier addon will help you if you play Minecraft strategically and desire to do so. The conflicts are very brutal because the addon setting is about the Age of Empires-inspired war in Minecraft.

Cre: AnhemSteve (Youtube)

Villager Soldier

This is a straightforward update because its primary goals are to correct issues and streamline the animations. Additionally, the models of the add-mobs on need to be improved in order to make them more attractive. I’ve been able to eliminate between 70 and 80 percent of the problems that contribute to lag while playing. Additionally, individuals with inadequate configurations can use my Tactical extension. Those who don’t want to put in much effort can pass on this add-on.

Minecraft Gun Mod

Details of the changes in this remake:

1.19 version will change and damage some entities of the addon:

Now in the 1.19 Version Player need to sneak to transform the villager into any soldier.

New in 1.19 version:

Villager Soldier:

Villager Soldier

Villager Soldiers only appear in villages and village bases in version 1.19. Additionally, in version 1.19, the village soldier cannot trade with the player but can be domesticated.

Additionally, the village soldier does not employ both a sword and a crossbow.

Some Addons Minecraft PE you can check in Mc addons:

Minecraft Gun Mod

Add Use Shield:

Any soldier who has a shield can now utilize it in version 1.19.

Villager Soldier
Villager Soldier

Add Catapult and flag red:

Villager Soldier

Catapult just attack when the player shot the flag red to the target point.

Catapult is only bought by a wandering soldier.

Flag red:

Villager Soldier

Wandering Soldier:

Villager Soldier

In 1.19 Wandering soldier will sell an item of the addon.

And Wandering soldiers have some skill and can attack enermy.

Trade table:

Villager Soldier

Healing Villager:

Villager Soldier 1.19

Detail of remake version:

Villager Cannon:

Villager Soldier

Villager Heavy Crossbow:

Villager Soldier

Pillager Ranged Rocket:

Villager Soldier

Pillager small cannon:

Villager Soldier
Villager Soldier


Villager Soldier

Change animation:

  • Crossbow animation charge: Crossbow equipment for the entire mob.
  • To alleviate lag, several animations were made simpler.
  • The assault animation of the villager sword will now resemble that of the player.
  • Now the heavy crossbow fires more quickly.

Things that have been deleted:

Crossbow stand:

Villager Soldier

Iron golem armour: 

Villager Soldier
  • Battleship: 
Villager Soldier

Villager Magic:

Villager Soldier

New skill: Summons 6 flying flames:

Flying Flames can attack the enemy by fire.

Give the villager the book to turn him into villager magic.

You can now upgrade to a horseman by giving a medal to the villager guard.

New Structures:

Villager Soldier
Villager Soldier
Villager Soldier
Villager Soldier
Villager Soldier

The video details the changes in this remake.

The Video Trailer Addon Villager Soldier 1.19:


Fix script error.
Fix villager can’t clam pistol.
Now can run on android
Removed battleship
fix structure
removed loot box
fix animation
Add Catapult and flag red
change skin and item Villager Healing
add shield


Villager Soldier
Villager Soldier

Download Villager Soldier 1.19

Minecraft Gun Mod

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