Titan craft Addon Minecraft PE

Titan craft addon takes place within the Anime show called “Attack on Titan” where giants roam the land as humanity is concealed behind walls. As a soldier who has the power to become an enormous yourself.

Cre: CodanRaigenXXI (Youtube, Twitter)

Titan craft addon feature

Titan craft addon includes 22 entities, the log is spoiler free.


Regular titan

  • Has 10 variants
  • 3 sizes
  • Will eat humans ( eldians )

Abnormal titan

  • Can run faster than regular ones
  • Has abnormal animations
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Dina’s titan

  • A classic titan, episode 1
  • Titans of Ymir – titans which will be knocked out, they will transform into their human forms to Retreat or fight back, you would like to destroy them while they’re immobile.

Amored titan

  • Can charge at the player from time to time
  • Has 40 hp

Beast titan

  • A bit taller than regular titans
  • Throws boulders and trees from time to time
  • Has melee attacks
  • Has 35 hp

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Cart titan

  • A crawling titan
  • Faster than any titan
  • Has 16 hp

Female titan

  • Grows armor whenever she gets attacked which upgrades speed and attack
  • Has 25 hp

Founder titan

  • Continuously attack the player
  • Fast
  • Has 35 hp

Jaw titans

  • Has 2 versions ( for various users )
  • Fast
  • Other version can attack other titans

Colossal titan

  • Has 2 mp the bottom
  • Usesizes
  • Can stos a steam attack
  • Has 100 hp ( default )
  • Has 50 hp ( after steam attack )

Warhammer titan

  • Can use a ranged attack
  • Can slam her hammer to blow players away
  • Has 80 hp

Download Titan craft Add-on (Support Creator)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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[…] Titan craft Addon Minecraft PE […]


[…] Titan craft Addon Minecraft PE […]

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