AddOnsThe Last Ultimaverse

The Last Ultimaverse

Please note: The Last Ultimaverse addon isn’t compatible to the oldest version you might notice face’s to the issue’s it will come back later it has been fixes anyway it makes Remake The Old to the new version you won’t faces lag and issue’s.

The Last Ultimaverse

Creator: Cension Corporation

The Last Erase Sword You Will Ever Need!!

One of the most serious Sword you will need it now of because the power of gods and black hole gravity most seriously incredible damage take you to the end of life make it easier to die even unkillable mobs won’t be survived it has been fallen to the gravity while escaping to our death Player? Be a creative mode which it’s not to kill you. Instead you’ve already Need it don’t be afraid.

Serious Ability Damage!

  • Attack damage: Infinity
  • Health: 130
  • Erase mobs: gravity
The Last Ultimaverse
The Last Ultimaverse

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The Last Ultimaverse

Download The Last 마지막 음절 EU! Remake The Old.mcaddon

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