The Infinite Seed for MCPE

In the infinite seed, you will find a long loop where you can find much material such as diamonds, ores, and other material. It’s located in layer 12 so maybe you will not want it for survival mode (or you maybe do =))

Cre: Jevil The Chaos Begins

Explore The Infinite Seed

This is the coordinates where a long loop begin

Follow this direction, you will see many cool things that make you love this seed

Keep going and you will find an infinite loop of diamonds

It is repeated horizontally by 3 groups of diamond ores

This is located in the Nether, you can find an infinite loop of netherite in the infinite seed by according to these coordinates

These coordinates are one of the 2 groups that begin, where the loop of netherite (+16) (18) (-16). Add +16 in the first coordinate, it leaves 18 in the second and subtraction -16 in the third to find the netherite

Finally, here are small loop islands located at the END. You can follow them as they will take you to some END CITYS


– Added:
+ Infinite Netherite location
+ The location of the small islands that guide you to go End Citys

The Infinite Seed ID


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