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This addon will replace 3DSG Addon because that addon has many bugs and are annoying. So Simple Warfare 2 Addon in the new look that updated and changed many things such as new gun animation sound and effect, fixed many bugs,… But this is still in the process of improving so can be found a few glitches, the content is also not much like the previous simple warfare addon.

Cre: Menkrep P, Youtube

Simple Warfare 2 Addon

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All-new weapons on Simple Warfare 2 Addon – Gun

Take a note:

  • Not every gun has a muzzle flash effect, only using a light block
  • Each gun has its own ammo, just need to put the right ammo while holding the empty gun on your offhand slot, so you can reload it that way.
Simple Warfare 2 Addon

That is the reload list, you will know the name of each gun when you try the addon. They have the same animation (run attack TPP and FPP)

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check at 

Simplified XM8

Can be obtained from SteelPack loot – Damage: 8/ Bullet: 31 / Ammo: AR Rifle

Simplified Glock

  • A single shot but you can change it into full auto when sneaking, can be upgraded to tactical Glock. To reload Simplified Glock, you have to use Pistol Ammo
  • Damage: 5 / Bullet: 12 / Ammo: Pistol Ammo / FPP or TPP
  • Sneak to activate the full auto. 

Simplified M4

  1. This gun can craftable in survival mode, easy to upgrade into Tactical M4 using the toolbox (including muzzle effect)
  2. Damage: 8 / Bullet:40 / Ammo: AR ammo
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Simplified AWP

  • The best damage when shot, players can also piercing shot the target 
  • Damage: 25/ Bullet:8 / Ammo: Sniper Ammo / Tpp/Fpp 

Simplified Minigun

  • One of the guns in Simple Warfare 2 addon has a lot of ammo up to 150 bullets and is fit to wipe out many entities.
  • Damage: 8 / Bullet:150 / Ammo: Ammo Box

Simplified Double barreled Shotgun

  1. There is only have 2 bullets but players can shoot spreading bullet, that is great to use against a horde of zombies!
  2. Damage: 15 / Bullet:2 / Ammo: Shells 

Download Simple Warfare 2 addon

Simplified Tactical M4

Less recoil muzzle effect than other guns, more fire rates than basic M4 but less damage than M4

Damage: 6.5 / Bullet:40 / Ammo: AR Ammo 

Steyr Grenade Launcher 

This gun on the simple warfare addon has RPG, but in the simple warfare 2 addon has Grenade Launcher

  • Explore: 4 power/ Bullet: 1/ Ammo: GL Bullet

Tactical Glock

  • This is an upgraded gun from Glock in Simple Warfare 2 addon, so more ammo and full auto
  • Damage: 5 / Bullet: 30/ Ammo: Pistol Ammo 


  • This is a 3D melee weapon on Minecraft that show in your hand. To craft it, you can use 1 Iron Ingot and 2 Shears.
  • Damage: 7 / Durability: 500
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Opening Medkit Loot to get this gun or buying a crate from civilian

  • Durability: 10 seconds


It has animation but seems not working well, it is still in process of proving

HOW TO CRAFT – Simple Warfare 2 addon

The recipe for each gun has the same way, only different ingredients except the shotgun.

First, you have to mine metal ore to craft Steel Ingot (using 2 coal + 1 Iron Ingot with metal Ingot). This material helps you create a new crafting table like workbench ammotable, and tool station.

Don’t forget to craft Brass Ingot by combining Iron with copper to make bullet casings!

All recipe – Simple Warfare 2 addon

Simple Warfare 2 Addon

Toolstation: Trade to get Guns Part

Simple Warfare 2 addon – Block

Metal Ore

This is the main ingredient to crafting a gun, mine them on y=-60 height, smelt it to get metal ingot 

Ammo Table 

This is also an important block, you can use it to craft almost every recipes on simple warfare 2 addon

Ammo Table 

Using it craft bullets and ammo for your gun


Using the steel Ingot and some other item (gun + magazine) to get a gun part


Upgrade and downgrade the gun in Simple Warfare 2 Addon, but only for M4 and Glock. To do it you have to hold the weapon in your hand. Finding Toolbox by loot drop from the crate (only y interact with this block while holding the right empty gun)


You can buy Loot Crate from Civilians, destroy this block and you will get loot like Medkit, supplypack and steelpack.

ENTITY – Simple Warfare 2 Addon

Simple warfare 2 addon has an entity, but it is in process of improvement to make a good entity with animation, so the entity may be glitching.

Civiliant Trade 

STRUCTURE – Simple Warfare 2 Addon 

All the structures in this addon are made by @zTshre3


There are 3 lootpack:

  • Supply pack drop food
  • Medkit drop honey bottle
  • Bandage and ad (random) and steel pack: drop random gun equipment/items


There is 2 armor on the Simple Warfare 2 Addon:
combat armor – peacemaker armor. Recipe combat armor: can be crafted on workbench including Steel Ingot and leather.

mcpeaddons download

Download Simple Warfare 2 Addon
or here (gg drive)

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