Simple Vehicles Addon v3.4.0 – The Farm Update

Simple Vehicles Addon add up to over 100 Vehicles in Minecraft and this is my biggest add-on that I ever made it for you and to everyone who love vehicles add-on and this could be suitable to City maps and role play maps.

Credit: RMPlaysMC YT (Youtube, Twitter)

Simple Vehicles Addon


I made Simple Vehicles Addon since March 2019 and I do an upload online but I’m not good enough to make add-ons here before then now I have an good potential in making mods so I continue to working in this mod and I did it. And did you know that I like making Vehicles too that can be found in local or not but some models are made by me anyway


I made over 100 vehicles and I still try to improve it as long as I can and I hope you may appreciated it

Simple Vehicles Addon

For The First Picture
  1. Hafei Zhongyi
  2. Tricycle Cargo
  3. Opel Corsa
  4. AUV Car
  5. 4X4 Off-road Truck
  6. Cargo Truck V2
  7. Opel Astra
  8. Speedboat (Big)
  9. Train Locomotive
Simple Vehicles Addon

On the next picture

  1. Double deck bus
  2. Van V2
  3. Scooter
  4. Motorcycle
  5. Car
  6. Hyundai Starex (No Casket)
  7. Hyundai Starex (With Casket)
  8. Motorbike
  9. Container Van
Simple Vehicles Addon


Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


On the Third Picture

  1. Voltbike
  2. Pickup Truck
  3. Jeep Wrangler
  4. Volkswagen Beetle
  5. Modern Jeep
  6. Limousine
  7. Ice Cream Truck
  8. Honda Accord 2019
  9. Cadillac DTS 2010


Simple Vehicles Addon


On The Fourth Picture

  1. Van v1
  2. Bike
  3. Truck
  4. Mitsubishi Pajero
  5. Tractor
  6. Isuzu Travis
  7. Lowrider V2
  8. Cybertruck
  9. Taxi


Simple Vehicles Addon


On the fifth Picture

  1. Speedboat V1
  2. Snow Mobile
  3. Bulldozer
  4. Police Truck
  5. Plane
  6. Classic Jeep
  7. OB Van
  8. Jetski
  9. Ford Mustang
Simple Vehicles Addon



On the sixth picture

  1. Minibus
  2. Lowrider V1
  3. Shuttle Bus
  4. Helicopter
  5. Tricycle Container
  6. Fire Truck
  7. Bus
  8. EV4
  9. Hoverboard
Simple Vehicles Addon



On seventh picture

  1. Car
  2. Christmas Sled
  3. Ambulance
  4. Toyota AE86
  5. Shenhao Q5
  6. Quad Bike
  7. Toyota Corolla
  8. TukTuk
  9. Scooter
Simple Vehicles Addon




Eighth Picture

  1. Isuzu Erga 2017
  2. Cargo Truck V1 Locomotive and Container
  3. Multicab
  4. Bajaj RE
  5. Tamarraw FX
  6. Golf Cart
  7. Golf Cart (Street Legal)
  8. Pedicabs
Simple Vehicles Addon



Ninth Picture

  1. Rocket Viking
  2. Pickup Truck Flash Express Edition
  3. Roller Truck
  4. Mixer Truck
  5. Dump Truck
  6. Bridge Builder Machine
  7. Asphalt Paving Truck
  8. Train Cart
  9. Go Karts
Simple Vehicles Addon




Tenth Picture

  1. Mitsubishi Aero Mini
  2. Go Kart V2
  3. Go Kart with numbers
  4. Vespa Primavera
  5. Tentmushi
  6. Century Luxury
  7. Mitsubishi Montero
  8. Minicar
  9. Isuzu DMAX
Simple Vehicles Addon



Here’s the tenth set

  1. Ford Rancher GT SASS
  2. Tricycle
  3. Submarine
  4. School Bus
  5. Sabre
  6. Rancher
  7. Land Cruiser
  8. Jetmax
  9. Grumman LLV
  10. Armored Truck
  1. Lightermax – It has 3 variants black, white and gray
  2. Dragster – has 16 variants and it has slow speed
  3. Monster Truck – it is the big sized truck but it also has 16 variants to try
  4. Rally Car 2.0
  5. F1 Car – same as the other vehicles but it has moderate speed
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon


 Here are some item parts work well

Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon

And here’s more stuff to see

Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon

You must create an vehicle workbench to access this stuff

Simple Vehicles Addon

Vehicle Builder is also required to make your vehicle parts turn into one vehicle

Simple Vehicles Addon

Hint: The body + The tire of a vehicle = One Vehicle

There are crafting stuff that you can try and all you had to do to create this items was to set your gameplay in survival mode

Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon

Not all Items are available on survival and I’ll have a chance to add it in the future


This update adds new stuffs and new things, and it has enough functions to be used for farming purposes.

Here’s the showcase video that has a tutorial on how to use these vehicles:


Here’s the list of new vehicles on this update:

  1. Tractor Small
  2. Mower – Requires Grass Remover to make it functonal
  3. Seeder – Requires Seed Packs:
    • Wheat Seed Pack
    • Beetroot Seed Pack
  4. Farm Truck
  5. Plow – Requires Wooden, Iron, Stone, Gold, Diamonnd, Netherite Hoe to make a farmland/farm plot to plant with
  6. Sprinkler – Requires Water Bucket to water the farmland/farm plot
New v3.4.0 Vehicles: Screenshot 1
New v3.4.0 Vehicles: Screenshot 2
New v3.4.0 Vehicles: Screenshot 3
New v3.4.0 Vehicles: Screenshot 4

The update also adds new traders which are:

  1. Gasoline boy and girl – Which Sells Jerry Can which contains fuel for your vehicles
  2. Farmer – Which roams around but it sells you some pack of seeds good for farming
New v3.4.0 Traders: Screenshot

NEW Showcase Video


I made some of Showcase vehicles and I hope you gonna love it

Version 1.0.0. 

Version 1.1

Version 1.3.4

Version 1.7.0 

Version 2.0.0 – The Improvements Update

You are allowed to use and modify the models for personal use only

You can showcase this content on your video WITH A CREDIT and you are NOT ALLOWED TO USE YOUR OWN LINK

Suggestions: You can DM me via Twitter if you have some request or problems, you can do also DM me on Facebook

And For someone who likes tho support my development you can donate here (Any amount is good enough for me🙂) so that I can continue to work

Support me here and any tips are highly appreciated


RMPlaysMC YT – The Creator of this addon

Ivon852 – For Speedboat Behavior

Ashminggu – For Custom Riding Animation 

AshyBoy – For Textures 


Blockbench: Link

Bridge V1 and V2: Link 

Code Editor: Available On Google Play Store

ZArchiver: Available On Google Play Store


I see some youtubers anywhere using their own links and claimed it as theirs to download and that’s the one thing that I HATE and you are not allowed to do it or else I’ll watch your videos one by one and It should not been posted on other websites unless I’ll post this content there to others and that’s why I add the watermark on it so IF YOU DOWNLOAD THIS ADDON FROM OTHER WEBSITES You will be warned…

You are not allowed to:

  • Modify
  • Edit, Alter or Remix
  • Reproduction
  • Adding your own links to your youtube videos

You are not allowed to create a videos that has a clickbait thumbnail you must learn how to create a proper thumbnail about the addon and put the original link around it

I worked hard for it and I know It’s confusing but It’s needed but there’s the tip

    Pack 1: It has 50 Vehicles but the key was removed there and moved to Pack 3

    Pack 2: Adds New Vehicles

    Pack 3: Adds new Items and the key was there 

NOTE: you must download it all to try all of the stuff and that’s the only way to support my work

Since It was on set but that’s the only way to make sure every vehicle pack has a limit

Q: How to drive a car again?

A: You must get the key from the creative inventory and put it to your vehicle

Q: Where I can see the keys?

A: Keys can be found in equipment section 

Q: How can I spray the car?

A: Just get the paint and sneak to the vehicle then paint it

Q: How can I ride on the car?

A: Just get the key and sneak to the vehicle then the door open

NOTE: Not all vehicles had open/close door mechanic for now since due to the workspace limitations, for the vehicles who got 16 colors needs key to open but you must need to sneak first.

Not all Items are available on survival and I’ll have a chance to add it in the future


1. Download The Addon

2. Follow the tips get the addon

3. Install Both RP and BP since they are in separation due to item texture error

4. If you create or add it in a world make sure you enable the experimental features such as:

  • Holiday Creator Features (Recommended)

5. Enjoy

If you have a older version of the addon I’ll recommend you to delete it before you install the latest version

The Install Arrangement must be like this

Simple Vehicles Addon
Simple Vehicles Addon

Note for android 10 – 11 users (including me using Vivo Y11 Realme C25Y) you must set the pack 1 to the bottom part of the resource pack so it would never lead the crash or stop the game

Here’s the tutorial how to download the Simple Vehicles Addon

If you download this Mod make sure

  • You are allowed to showcase this mod to your YouTube Channel
  • Use it in good condition
  • Use the MCPEDL link to your videos and it’s important to support my development



Simple Vehicles Addon by RMPlaysMC YT

Link: This Link must be included to your videos USING MCPEDL LINK IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOUR VIDEOS


Discord Server:


You are not Allowed to used this Mod if you

  • Redistribute to other sites without my consent
  • Stealing the code without permission

If you found any issues you can comment here any feedback related on this addon is appreciated

Note: Simple Vehicles Addon will not got any updates from now after my laptop was destroyed and didn’t function well and I hope you understand on it thanks.

Another info that vehicle workbench model was broken in 1.18.10 and I can’t fix it for now

And for the people that please don’t complain why I use linkvertise because it’s my only way to earn money from my work 

Anyway you can support me On Patreon to get new and early access to my content 

Subscribe to my Patreon

Simple Vehicles Addon

And You can support me too via subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get new videos 

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Simple Vehicles Addon

You can help us by joining on Discord Channel by click here

Downloads Simple Vehicles Addon

I’ll recommend you to download it all packs (from pack 1 to 3) so you can enjoy it


Version 3.1.0 – The Race and Climb Update


  • Add Lights that can be seen at night 


  • Add Lightermax Inspired from Supra
  • Add Rally Car 2.0
  • Add F1 Car 
  • Add Monster Truck 
  • Add Dragster 


  • Add New Keys to this new vehicles 


  • Fixing the behavior movements of some vehicles 
  • Adding 5 new keys on trading section 
  • Changes/Tweaks:
  • Having all open and close door sounds on some vehicles
  • Recipes are temporarily removed due to bug error and It’s need to be fixed

Updated on February 19

Version 3.4.0 – The Farm Update


  • Add Tractor Small
  • Add Farm Truck
  • Add Tractor Plow
  • Add Tractor Seeder
  • Add Tractor Sprinkler
  • Add Mower

Traders and Items:

  • Add Gasoline Boy and Girl (Randomly Spawned)
  • Add Farm Seller
  • Add Seed Pack (Beetroot and Wheat)

NOTE: For Players on 1.18+ (android 10 below, iOS, Windows 10) and 1.18+(android 11 and above, iOS, Windows 10/11) this addon is compatible, but for full experience please I recommend you to download all of these packs to enjoy

NOTE: This Addon is in 5 Packages so to make sure you’re in latest version of Simple Vehicles Addon Please Delete the older versions on your device and import all of this new packages, I recommend you to install all of these packs to support the development thank you.

Download Simple Vehicles Addon

mcpeaddons download

Here’s the new versions of Simple Vehicles Addon:

Via Boostellar

📩 Package 1 (Base Pack via Boostellar)

📩 Package 2 (Base Pack via Boostellar)

📩 Package 3 (Base Pack via Boostellar)

📩 Package 4 (Base Pack via Boostellar)

📩 Package 5 (Base Pack via Boostellar)

📩 Package 6 (Base Pack via Boostellar)

Via Lootlabs

📩 Package 1 (Base Pack via Lootlabs)

📩 Package 2 (Base Pack via Lootlabs)

📩 Package 3 (Base Pack via Lootlabs)

Old Versions Here:

📥 Package 1 (Simple Vehicles Addon Full and LATEST)

📥 Package 2 (Simple Vehicles Addon Resource Pack)

📥 Package 3 (Simple Vehicles Addon Behavior Pack)

📥Structure Pack

📥Trader Pack

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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Just an simple minecraft content creator behind simple vehicles addon

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