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Discover the lovely City of Atria, a fantastical city filled with unending wonders and dreams! There is a downtown, numerous suburbs, a district in the mountains, farms, a railroad station, and a whole lot more!

Cre: Silzio (Youtube, Twitter)

City of Atria

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This is a city environment that I created when I was 14 years old, almost three years ago. Together with my buddies, I made this, and we created a lot of memories. I’ve been working on it for a while, and now I’m prepared to make the planet available for download.

Disclaimer: The detailing and quality of this planet are significantly lower than my current level of expertise because it was entirely created on PlayStation three years ago. I also didn’t have access to any tools like world painter or alter the world. If some structures appear ugly, don’t roast me!

world started June 8th, 2019, World Discontinued around May 2020

  • Train station
  • Beautiful Downtown
  • Dozens of houses to decorate and live in
  • mountains
  • farm
  • handmade built on legacy console edition

These are 3/4 scaled maps, so the world is pretty huge!

City of Atria
City of Atria
City of Atria
City of Atria

I constructed this farm in amazing teamwork with my friend Ugno34. 

Thankfully, he gave up the game three years ago.

City of Atria
City of Atria
City of Atria
City of Atria
City of Atria
City of Atria

Some Maps Minecrafr PE you can check in Mcpe addons’ s site:

City of Atria

Download City of Atria

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