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I’ve been working on an addon called Ragnarok for a while now. It was influenced by the video game God of War. Ragnarok addon is made to be used in survival while maintaining the original minecraft escacy, and it also makes you feel like a god when using the RAGNAROK weapons and armor.

Cre: BATBOA (Youtube)

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Due to the strength of some of the materials used to make armor, they are a bit more expensive. Individual, upgradeable, complete, and full suit armors are the different categories of armor.

Full suit

These armors are placed where the helmet goes, but they modify your entire appearance, if you want to be Atreus, Baldur or Thor you can use any of these armors and feel like a GOD.



These armour pieces are whole sets of armor and incredibly powerful. The Titan pack is a nod to Marvel’s Thanos armor and is also quite potent. The GOW pack is a god of war 2 armor pack, the Valkyrie armor pack is a full god of war 2018 armor, and this armor is very strong just like in the game.




Each iteration of this form of armor is an improvement over the previous one.

The major theme of God of War 2018 served as inspiration for these armors.

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The armors range in strength from weak to strong, with the red armor being the most vulnerable and the green armor being the most effective.

It should be emphasized that you can combine the armor however you’d like; for example, you could wear the exile pants and the champion’s armor, but employing the entire set of armor will soon have additional benefits.

With the exception of the champion’s armor, champion’s skirt, and champion socks, which are inspired by the primary outfit of God of War 3, these armors are modeled by the god of War 2018 armor. It should be noted that these are the addon’s two strongest armors, but Ares’ armor is the second-strongest in God of War 2018 while ZEUS’ armor is the strongest.

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Although the most potent weapons of the nine kingdoms are quite expensive, everything will be worthwhile in the end.

The enemy next to you can have their souls poisoned by the claws of hades, but you can make the claws of hades into the CHAINS OF HADES, which can draw souls from the ground to harm your neighbors.


WILL YOU BE ABLE TO CARRY THESE WEAPONS? The legendary SWORDS OF CHAOS, which Kratos has always used, have various levels. Chaos swords in their base form have the power to burn enemies nearby and also add fire resistance. Level 3 chaos swords add claws that protrude from the ground to hurt your enemies. Level 5 chaos swords add a shot from a fireball that does too much damage.


Will you have the strength to wield Mjolnir, Thor’s Great Hammer, the most dreaded weapon in the Nine Kingdoms? This weapon was crafted by the brothers Sindri and Brok and has the power to let you soar and fall a little slower, but its most potent ability is to summon lightning to your opponents.


The brothers Sindri and Brok created Levian, Kratos’s powerful axe, to destroy Mjolnir. It can freeze enemies, but with improvement, it can freeze enemies so thoroughly that it temporarily causes damage. Finally, with improvement again, it can add a shock wave to further damage and freeze enemies nearby. USE THIS WEAPON SMARTLY.

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Since leviathan cannot be thrown and returned, I also made some adjustments to the trident. It now resembles a leviathan, deals more damage, and ALSO ADDS THE PROPERTIES OF THE MJOLINIR. Upon impact, however, it also summons rays. BUT ARE YOU READY TO USE THIS POWERFUL WEAPON?


Make changes to the shield’s appearance as well, since it now resembles the shield of God of War 2018 from the game + game.


Remember that you must activate the experimental options!!

Remember always leave credits, if you are recording a video you do not have the authorization to create your own link, use the official link of the addon on the MCPEDL page, and if you want to use this addon for maps you have to ask me for permission and in this way they can help me to continue updating the addon. Also remember that this addon can not be published in any addons application or addons page, this addon is exclusive to MCPEDL and if you ignore any point you can cause problems, if the addon is respected I will continue updating it.

I hope you like it and leave me your suggestions in the comments!!! 😀





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10 months ago

Hey bro I like your God of War addon, but would you like to work with me? 😁 I also made a god of war addon, I make boss fights like baldur and etc. I hope you reply ♥️

9 months ago
Reply to  Jomat

Hi Jomat, we are holding a mini-event called Creative Addons for Minecraft Event
You can contact BATBOA – the creator – for joining together ! The reward is huge tho

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