Project Mainland Addon for Minecraft

It’s no longer on the island anymore, now Project Mainland is a continuation of the Project Nublar Map/Data packs started in Java Edition and improve for Bedrock edition which you can use of Bedrock’s abilities to make custom entities.

Cre: VelVoxel Raptor, Youtube

Project Mainland

Enable Creation of Custom Biomes in order to for Amber Ore to spawn in!

The Amber ore spawns like other ores, so you can find them underground Minecraft world. Mine them and you will get Amber which help you craft into DNA

The amber look same each other, but the stack is different (give you a different dinosaur DNA piece

You should collect 4 of the same dinosaur DNA to craft a Genome

You also can craft an Egg into an Empty Egg

Dinosaur Egg

To get a dinosaur egg, you can combine Empty Egg + Dinasaur Genome. Then right-click to spawn it into the world

  • After some time, it should spawn:  (if not /event entity @e[r=3] hatch_ankylosaurus will hatch an Ankylosaurus egg for you

The baby dinosaur will grow into an adult dino, they have special attacks and their own animation

The carnivores like this T-Rex bites forward and some herbivores like the Ankylosaurus below attack with their tail!

Some special behavior for some dinosaurs such as going to a water source to drink or sleep at night

Jurassic World Dino in Project Mainland

Giganotosaurus, Pyroraptor, and Atrociraptor!

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Project Mainland addon also adds RTX file download when you want to see some fancy lightning

skin maker for minecraft


mcpeaddons download

Download Project Mainland addon / or here (gg drive)
RTX Edition / or here

skin maker for minecraft

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