monoDeco Plus Furniture | 750+ Blocks | v0.4.8

Introducing monoDeco Plus Furniture: Exceptionally Stylish Furniture to Enhance Your Bedrock Experience in Minecraft!Are you prepared to turn your Bedrock Edition of Minecraft into a sleek and contemporary world? You need look no farther than monoDeco Plus, a painstakingly constructed mod project for the discriminating player who yearns for exclusivity and complexity.

Creator: monorogu (youtube)

MonoDeco Plus Furniture

monoDeco Plus Furniture

Minecraft Furniture Mod

monoDeco Plus Furniture
monoDeco Plus Furniture

Introducing monoDeco Plus – Elevate Your Minecraft Bedrock Experience with Exclusive Aesthetic Furniture! Are you ready to transform your Minecraft Bedrock Edition into a realm of modern elegance? Look no further than monoDeco Plus, a meticulously crafted mod project designed for the discerning player who craves sophistication and exclusivity.

With monoDeco Plus, you’re not just changing your Minecraft Bedrock Edition gameplay into something extraordinary, but you’re also opening the door to a world of exclusive aesthetics unlike anything you’ve seen before. This mod doesn’t just add furniture; it brings an elegant modern touch to every corner of your Minecraft world.

Every furniture item in monoDeco Plus is meticulously designed, with an extraordinary attention to detail and finesse in design. From sofas to dining tables, each piece seamlessly integrates with the desired style and aesthetics, creating a captivating environment and inviting you to explore your Minecraft world in new ways.

monoDeco Plus Furniture

Moreover, monoDeco Plus provides a plethora of unique features not found in other mods. Your Minecraft world can be tailored to your unique preferences and vision by choosing from a wide range of styles and themes that are available to you thanks to your expanding furniture collection.

You are receiving more than just a standard furniture mod when you use monoDeco Plus. You have unique access to a refined, contemporary, and elegantly upgraded Minecraft gameplay experience. So get ready to use monoDeco Plus to elevate your Minecraft Bedrock experience!

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Showcase here :


changelog monoDeco+ 0.4.8

   *New Furniture*


– Upright Piano

1. Yamahu U1

2. Cawai K-300

3. Noway K-52

4. Parfume – Retail Items (BONUS)

Some Minecraft Furniture Mod you can check in Mcpe addons:

monoDeco Plus Furniture

Download monoDeco Plus Furniture (Behavior pack)

Download monoDeco Plus Furniture (Resource pack)

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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