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It’s been a while, guys! Mettaton is the ultimate sexy robot character from the Undertale. An indie RPG game by Toby Fox. If you’re been a fan of Undertale, you will probably already know about him. Ever wanted to fight him in a 3 dimension world? Ever wanted to join his fan club? Here we are! In Minecraft!!

Cre: MisterRaidenXD

This Add-on will add 2 new main mobs, and 11 mini mobs/1 new item that will be used during the boss battle. 

Our protagonists/ Two main mobs.

Mettaton – Seriously, his metal body is invulnerable! 


Mettaton: /me:mettation_box

Health: 9999

Attack Damage: 6

His metal body makes him completely invulnerable to any attacks.

His “switch” on his back is why he keeps facing forward. 

Simply “Right click / Left Trigger” or touch the “flip” button on your touch screen at him.



Mettaton EX –  His weak point is his heart-shaped core.

But not in Minecraft

Mettaton EX: /me:mettaton_ex

Health: 300

To transform him into his new body.

After transforming into Mettaton EX, He will not attack you himself, but instead, he will summon his mini mobs yo attack.

Even though he is no longer completely invulnerable after transformation (which means now you can damage him and kill him). He is still invincible to any long-range attacks/projectiles. Also explosion/fall damage.

Including the “Cell phone” which is listed down below.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

How to get Ratings up?


After his transformation, you will see the “ratings” scoreboard on your screen’s right-side. 

You can raise this rating score by killing the mini-mobs, or triggering bombs as listed down below.

Dying or getting hit/tricked by certain mini-mobs (as listed down below), will cause your ratings to drop down.

Maybe you can compete with your friend to get higher ratings, or maybe is this a key to getting one of the endings? 


This is the list of the mini-mobs that will be summoned by Mettaton EX.

Small Mettaton


Small Mettaton: /me:small_mettaton

Health: 1

Attack Damage: 8

She is a mini-mettaton that will be summoned by Mettaton EX during the boss battle.

She will shoot a heart_shaped projectile at you per 1~2 seconds.

Each of them will deal 8 damage per hit. And, killing her will give you 10 ratings.

Fake Mettaton


Fake Mettaton: /me:mettaton_fake

Health: 1

Attack Damage: 8

He is just a variant version of her, but fatally Venomous. 

2~4 of them will be summoned by Mettaton EX during the boss battle.

Try as best as you can to not shoot at them. As killing them will cause you fatal poison damage for several seconds.

Also killing them will result in your ratings getting removed 50 scores.



Bomb: /me:mettaton_bomb

Health: 100

Attack Damage: 10

They will be summoned during the boss battle by Mettaton EX, and randomly fly around the Mettaton. 

If you hit/shoot the bomb, she will explode.

Her explosion will kill the mini-mobs nearby her, and damage you as well.

Exploding them will add 50 ratings on your score. 

You can use her strategically.

The score will stack if you kill multiple mobs around her at the same time by exploding her. 

Thankfully, the above fake mettaton won’t be killed by her explosion.



Legs: /me:mettaton_leg

Health: 1 (invulnerable)

Attack damage: 15

They will be summoned from the ground by Mettaton EX during his boss battle. 

You have to be aware of them, as they will inflict 15 damage, and also levitation effect by 5 seconds. 

Getting hit by them will remove 50 ratings in your ratings score.

Blue Legs


Blue legs: /me:mettaton_cool_leg

Health: 1 (invulnerable)

Attack Damage: 30

She will be summoned from the ground by Mettaton EX during his boss battle. She is a different variation of Legs., the secretly strongest mob in this Add-on. Getting hit by her will inflict 30 damage and plus, wither effect by 10 seconds as well. To avoid her terrible attack just simply sneak/crouch. Then she won’t target you. 

Similar to “blue attack” in the Undertale.

Green Legs

Green legs: /me:mettaton_ugly_leg

Health: 1 (invulnerable)

Attack Damage: 0

He will be summoned from the ground by Mettaton EX during his boss battle. He is also a variant version of the Leg. Unlike everyone, getting hit by him won’t inflict any damage to you, but instead, he will present you with 10 seconds of regeneration effect. So “get hit” by him if you have low health.

The new items

Cell Phone

Cell phone: /me:cell_phone

Attack Damage: 5

This item can be acquired from Mettaton EX, or slash command, not craftable. Mettaton EX will provide a cell phone to everyone in the server right after his transformation. To use this item, just simply right click/left trigger, or hold the screen on your touchscreen device to “shoot”.

You can utilize this item to damage above “mini mobs”, or other Minecraft entities as well. Basically works the same as punching, but a long-range weapon. It will deal 5 damage per hit. 

You can use other long-range weapons in Minecraft (tridents, bow arrows, etc…) as well, as controlling this item can be pretty hard on touch screen devices.

Secret Multiple Endings


Unlike any other ordinary Boss battle, there are multiple endings you can get by hou you battle with Mettaton in this Add-on.

There are currently 2 endings in this Add-on, as they are secret, try your best to find out yourself!


  • This Add-on does not support Beta.
  • This Add-on may not work properly on Multiplayer


mcpeaddons download

Download Mettaton addon

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