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Medieval Mobs Addon is added or replaced by many new mobs based on mythical creatures. For example, the giant, some of the other mobs are replaced to make them look suitable for medieval times. Especially, most mobs in this addon have their own custom sounds

Cre: HeatFragment, Twitter


The Villagers can be found naturally spawning in Villages, or you can spawn them by using the spawn egg in creative. Medieval Mobs Addon added 3 new types of villagers:

  • Swordsman: wields a sword
  • Archer: shoots arrows
  • Shieldsman: blocks off the enemy with a shield

The village guard will ride the horse and attack the target (If a hostile mob spawns nearby him and there is also a horse somewhere close him)

Butchers are one of the default villagers

  • It has a white apron.
  • Will kill pigs, sheep, chickens, rabbits or cows


This is a hostile creature that replaces Zombies. It has no longer burned in the sunlight, so you can come across them anywhere in the Minecraft world.


This is a friendly mob which replaces Strays. Necromancer can shoot fire charges at other mobs.

(The structure in the image below just a fun picture)

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Giants are hostile toward Villager and the player. It has been replaced by Zombie Pigman and can be found around villages. Giants can spawn in multiple different sizes.


Silverfish have been replaced by Rats. It is a horrendous creature that will eat your crops, so the villager hate Rats. Ocelots are very appetite for rats, so they will attack and eat them

Giant Spiders

Normal Spiders have replaced by Giant Spiders with 5 available slots in storage. You can tame them with Rotten Flesh.

Other Features

  • Strays
    • New skin
    • New type of attack
  • Can tameable polar bears
  • Broodmothers:
    • Spawns silverfish
    • A hostile towards players and villagers
  • Giant spiders:
    • Can be tamed with rotten flesh
    • Storage 5 slots
  • Blaze Titan
    • It grows every second till super large
    • Shoots big fireballs
  • Trainors: trains villagers to become villager guards
  • Iron golems will shink when hurt
  • Wither skulls are now homing and have a lingering effect


Add new mobs:
– Broodmothers
– Giant Spiders
– Melee Guardians, including Elders
– Blaze Titan
– Trainors
Add new skin and attack (Strays)
Wither skulls are now homing and have a lingering effect
Iron golems will shink when hurt
Can tameable polar bears


Medieval Mobs Addon (B) .McPack

Medieval Mobs Addon (R) .McPack

Medieval Mobs Addon .ZIP

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