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Welcome to custom parkour map – MC Parkour SkyGames. This map includes a variety of challenges such as when you come in contact with one block, you will get a speed boost. With another block, you will levitate for a few seconds. It’s quite similar to a puzzle map sometime, so you should carefully make your plan to jumps

Cre: SkyGames, Twitter

How to play MC Parkour SkyGames?

You have to go through an optional tutorial before starting the challenges. It just takes more than a few minutes, it will teach you everything to know about this map. Then you can start the challenger yourself

This map includes 10 levels (excluding the tutorial level). You can collect 10 easter eggs (buttons) in 10 levels

Note from the creator

  • Sequel coming soon, maybe even a storyline!


You can get .ZIP file here: MC Parkour SkyGames

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