Maze PvP Map – Team Battle [PvP]

Come to a Maze PVP map – Team Battle! There have 2 different teams (blue team and red team). The player has to fight against the opposite team, find out the weapon inside the maze. First, you will start with basic weapons

Cre: Scerri, Youtube

Maze PVP map

You have to enter the Blue or Red maze to choose your team. Try to search for the correct paths to find different weapons, arrows, and potions. This will weaken your enemy team

Maze PVP map is powered by Redstone and command blocks to help the player get a smooth experience. It requires at least 2 players. To get more fun, each team should have a few members.

Remember you can not change your mind when you choose your team!

If you want to change your team, you have to reset the map!


– Mc.World file is fixed
– Add invisible blocks when you choose which team to stay in to avoid letting the player get away and make him lose around
– Added decorations


Download GoogleDrive

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