MagicalStaffs Addon for Minecraft PE

Have you ever wished for a magic element to appear in Minecraft? With MagicalStaffs Addon, 6 items are replaced by magical staff. It is used as a weapon and has some special effects

Cre: Fallen GothamTwitter

6 Magical Staffs

1. Fire Staff (Egg)

It will cause a huge explosion and lots of fires. Using Fire Staff, you can turn your surrounding environment into hell and cause bid destruction.

2. Staff of Teleportation (Ender Pearl)

Teleport to a random location with this item, the cooldown is 1 second before using it again

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3. Golden Staff (snowball)

This is the least exciting staff!!. It just cause some attack damage

4. Staff of Death (Fishing Rod)

To cast a deadly spell on the ground using this staff. It will linger for several seconds, cause harm to any mob or player who walks there.

5. Staff of Levitation (Bow)

The player just aim and shoot, this staff will make other mobs to levitate

6. Fire Wand (Bottle o’ Enchanting)

Similar to fire wands but it works at a much smaller scale.

Download MagicalStaffs Addon

MagicalStaffs (R) .McPack or here
MagicalStaffs (B) .McPack or here

You can get Zip file here: MagicalStaffs .Zip

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